when i wear no hat or cap i always use pomade. i do this such a long time that i can’t remember when i started greasing my hair. it needed years to find the right grease or rather the perfect combination: not to slicky but hard, not too hard, but firm, sometimes using some hairspray, … at the beginning i used classic pomades like ROYAL CROWN, DAX, SWEET GEORGIA BROWN and others. i was be cheesed of getting out these things of my hair. so i discovered and used a long time the classic AMERICAN CREW POMADE and i started to mix different sorts of AC products f.ex. POMADE with FIBER. the result was good but not perfect. one year ago i found the best combination ever: LAYRITE ORIGINAL DELUXE POMADE, 4 oz, mixed with BLACK DIAMOND POMADE, STRONG HOLD – absolute perfect. sometimes i combine LAYRITE with MR. DUCKTAIL POAMDE, this works perfect too. for extreme long hold i use the german classic SPRÜHGOLD. bad: combing after using spray isn’t possible anymore and makes bad looking. very important before combing: allocating the pomade with a special brush. since more than 5 years i use always one comb. this is made of carbon in japan. OLLI THE BARBER gave it some day as present to me. this is the best comb i ever had – and a pocket comb is always with me, even if i wear a hat – this is a must! bad pics | LTG

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