checking the wonderful blog BACKYARD BILL after a longer break i discovered the portrait of GREG CHAPMAN. i knew his face from facebook – face? facebook?… ahhhhh – cool guy! so i checked the short interview BILL always does with the people he portrays. and i discovered a  – for me –  new brand where GREG works as creative director: H. W. CARTER AND SONS. “For over 152 years, H.W. Carter & Sons has been a symbol of quality, durability and character in the manufacture of denim sportswear. Established in 1859 by Henry W. Carter in Lebanon, New Hampshire, H.W Carter & Sons has a deeply-rooted history in the growth of America. By 1890 H.W. Carter & Sons became the premier manufacturer of denim overalls and work wear. Carter’s Overalls were famous throughout the northeast. After the purchase of the Watch the Wear Overall Company of the Keene, NH in 1929,  “Carter’s Watch the Wear” became the official trademark used on all products. What was once designed for the men who built America by hand,  to the families of today who keep America thriving, H.W. Carter & Sons proudly enters a new chapter in history while keeping the spirit and principles of Henry W. Carter alive.” the stuff looks so great, so heritage, so well done. pics | Backyard Bill, H. W. CARTER AND SONS

Greg Chapman, CD of H. W. Carter and Sons

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