tomorrow i will go to B&B, berlin. for me is going to a fashion show not as usual as for most of the guys i will meet at the L.O.C.K. and FIRE DEPT. for me it’s something special, because i will not do a job when i join B&B. it is pure emotion and affinity to all these things i blog about. i am so happy that i could manage this trip to berlin. my job as an art director has to rest the next days and the scheduled jobs are delegated to my crew. in berlin i will join the blogger project BANDIT BLOGGERS. hm, nice logo isn’t it? i did it quickly last week … and i like it. but i do not finally know exactly what will happen. you will hear about it soon – for sure. it’s great to meet a lot of friends in berlin and exciting to see some new stuff. more from wednesday on. pics | B&B, berlin

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