no time for making new photos to post or searching the web. so i am checking my archives for some queer shots. these pics are from my last gig i ever did in 2007. i played the drums for nearly 30 years. 12 years i did music as a half professional in a dance combo in the 80s and 90s. but beside i always did music for my own in several bands till 2007. but believe me – i never got so much fun and exciting moments with music than i had with my dance combo – rock’n’roll! in 2007 i quitted playing the drums, because there wasn’t no time anymore: the family, too much to work, too much sports and the music i did with the band wasn’t my cup of tea – too complicated, too constructed, too cross over. but i am still always with music, all day long. after this gig i gave all my equipment to our singer as a present. and funny: OLLI THE BARBER was singing two years in our band named ARM STRONG. hm, got some more tattoos, glasses, a bigger beard and wrinkles the last 5 years – it seems i’m getting older. pics | thomas goos

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