thx RON for receiving this exciting letter today – the first one i got from the famous ISLE OF MAN – and thank you so much for the fantastic content: a handmade heavy leather watch strap for my PAM i just got back from repairing and revision. so awesome because of the unusual stitchings and the special color that fits my oro-iginal RED WING BOOTS 877 and 875 perfect. the strap is made out of natural veg tanned leather hide that was hand cut, hand dyed and hand stitched by RON himself. and i love the bright buckle because it fits the PAM more than perfect. damn, perfect d’artisan work and RON does it as a hobby – unbelievable. i do not know what he does in real life but the strap looks absolutely professional made. so i changed the actual strap to the LONAN RANGER ORIGINAL at once and please take a look at the pics: GREAT! beside, THE LONAN RANGER ORIGINAL is a play on THE LONE RANGER because RON lives in LONAN on the ISLE OF MAN. RON, thank you so much again. i will keep you updated about the look of the strap when aging. pics | LTG

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