yes, black, red and gold are the colors of the german flag. AND these are also the colors of my 3 SUPESOLED RED WING SHOES called “FRANKFURTER”. the black one is style #8133, the red one #8804 and the beige or gold one is style #8118. all three boots are of different ages. the #8804 is my oldest with about 20 years, the #8118 is the newest in my cupboard but this one was worn years before and the black #8133 is about one year old. a great trio. one boot is nicer than the other. and i love walking on the SUPERSOLE® – it is so comfortable. pics | LTG


  1. Hi, great pics!!! I have a question concerning the text on the side of the boots: at two pairs there is a „Red Wings“ and at one pair „Red Wing“. I have the first version on my 8133s but yours have the second one?! Is this a fake-boot i own???


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