today some stuff from my 6 years old son LEVI. like me he is a great denim, boot and hat lover. the cowboy shirt you see below was a present from UWE c/o AMTRAQ. his son was wearing this original ROCKMOUNT RANCH WEAR shirt before. great quality, made in the USA. another beloved piece is the ATELIER LA DURANCE NOVELTY JACKET. great classic look and best manufacturing – from the time when ALD was made in france! i bought this jacket years ago at B74 knowing that it will fit LEVI some day. and the BLUNDSTONE boots. damn, poor boots: this one are just 1/2 year old. LEVI’S most beloved shoes. he has always two pairs with the same size. one pair has always a day to relax after heavy wear over an exciting school and outdoor day. i think i bought about 6 pairs the last 3 years. the TICK, TRICK & TRACK hat is from SCHMITTHUT. it is older than 10 years and it was mine before i gave it to LEVI, my first SCHMITTHUT hat. it was always a bit too small for my head. pics | LTG

 BLUNDSTONE boots size 32, 1/2 year in use


ROCKMOUNT RANCH WEAR shirt with pearls snaps and everything else a real cowboy shirt needs!

bandana by CXXVI
LEVI’S red tab, repaired knees for10 times. 1 1/2 year in use


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