such an obviously copy is absolutely naughty … and the best is the following sentence:
„This Parka is so simple yet so stylish, inspired by Nigel Cabourn Everest parka! RARE Heritage Stylish parka design!“ INSPIRED??? shame on you, this is bad copy! found this piece of shit at eBay today. great offer: 45 british pounds. for a handmade parka! and who the F*** is MARCUS VILIM? and the best of it at all: there are people bidding on this damn brazenness – unbelievable. i can’t follow those daffy guys. but maybe the customs, ebay or departments which are responsible for fraudulent falsification are with the bidders – hope so. .  pics | ebay by bidder


the cheap bad ass copy from ebay. my gorge is rising …


  1. The inspired are the inspiring – From Cabourn.com – \”this iconic design is inspired by the parka worn by Sir Edmund Hillary on his Antarctic and Everest expeditions.\” So, who copied who?BTW – Han Kjobenhavn also did a pretty close rip-off last season – http://www.nuji.com/product/8ad4e58a-9b4b-43a2-b830-25ed846f582a/han-kjobenhavn-aps-parka-caliroots-com/Which I bought for 80 quid in the sales (shame on me, I know)H&M have bad rip offs of the \”cameraman\” and \”striped oxford shirt\” in their latest catalogue aswell. The price of celebrity.


  2. I understand what you are saying, it resembles the Everest Parka. But how do you know it's poor quality? Do you own one of these parkas?Actually interested in buying one, since the design is not from Nigel Cabourn anyway, I just have to research more on Marcus Vilim, But for 150 with real fur, handmade, photos and description are very detailed, it all seems legit.


  3. you think this parka is: handmade, has real fur … i do not think so. it is absolute impossible to offer this features for this price. it does not work … anyway. but it's up to you. if you think you have to try? tell us your experience. exciting!


  4. Yes, I understand you on that point, but I know also that the price for the Nigel parka is very very high compared to the cost of the material they use… I also know that the materials and hand labor in Russia is cheap compared to other Euro countries. Anyway I sended a e-mail message to the russian manufacturer and they even said they can make custom order if I whant, like other types of fur and fabric material like twill coton colors etc… That seams good to me since I dont like non removable fur.I will tell you what I think of the jacket after review.


  5. No reply from Valter… hmmm.There's absolutely no excuse for buying snide. You may persuade yourself that no one can tell the difference. They can. And they think you look like a bad cheapskate. If you don't want to part with Cabourn money buy something else or buy vintage.. check Eddie Bauer down jackets of Etsy for starters.


  6. I have one Marcus Vilim parka. Love it and use about 2 years. Absolutely great item. I see that in note – old photos. In my parka – sheepskin collar and other buttons. I have Aircraft Blue colour. I use it at -25 and feel myself OK. Fabric is very durable like on my N3B parka – but it's not so shine – anyway it's nylon or polyester. Same 2 way pockets as at Nigel's Everest parka – very usefull. Also I like fur ! It's fox i guess – big and looks great. Price was about 180 pounds… VS Nigels 1800 pounds lolI think for that price it's GREAT item. Regards, Mike


  7. I recently bought a Marcus Vilim parka, for £180. I wanted a light blue colour, so the makers of the jacket liaised with me frequently to ensure they chose the right colour fabric and that it was to my liking. The jacket I bought has been made to order, and I am very happy with it. The coat is of very high quality, and is very warm. Yes, it resembles a Nigel Cabourn at a fraction of the price, but not all of us have thousands of pounds to spend on the real deal. If someone judges me negatively because I'm wearing a coat that isn't designer, that is their issue. I've got better things to worry about and I can wear what I want. I don't want to buy 'something else' and I dont want to buy vintage. All in all, the coat is very good value for money and I would reccomend to those who aren't pretentious enough to care that it isnt an Everest parka.Cheers, Sophie.


  8. Sophie, who is judged negatively by whom wearing this f***ing copy? Nobody. It is about those who are copying – nothing more, nothing less. It does not interest me if you go naked or in a western dress. But YOU should be careful in your choice of words. Keep cool and stay happy with your awesome Marcus Vilim parka.


  9. Interesting conversation. On one hand I can appreciate the OP's original point that the Villim is a copy of the Cabourn. The Cabourn is a copy of Hillary's Jacket. Actually, the Villim states on the inner label that it inspired by Hillary as well. had £160 to spare so I thought I would get one to compare to the Cabourn. First of all, there is no comparison, but everyone knows that. Price alone dictates this. The Cabourn is well made and it should be for the price. It is made from L34 Ventile cloth (the thinnest Ventile available. Many other jackets with Ventile are made from heavier Ventile (L24 or L28). All have similar vapour permeability but L28 has more water resistance. But windproofness is more important than water resistance in a winter outer layer. The Villim is 90/10 NYCO and will have similar windproofness with enough water resistance to shed snow in a cold, dry winter environment.The Cabourn has hand-filled goose down. Okay. No published down fill power, fill weight or loft measurements to calculate CLO to truely give a sense of warmth. Cabourn says -40. Doubtful it would be more than 750 (US fill power) and could be lower since heavier outer fabrics don't lend themselves to higher lofting down. With wool or down underlayers I have worn it in a -40 temp with -50+ windchill values. But I also have worn far cheaper jackets at such temperatures and have been comfortable.The Villim has synthetic insulation and they claim a -25C temperature rating. It is a generic hollowfill but no indication of if it is continuous filament or chopped which will affect how warm it is. The next week or so will have -25C nighttime temps with high windchill values and I will report on the warmth of the jacket with the same layers I would normally wear.The Cabourn has a Coyote fur ruff and so does the Villim. To be honest, both are less than adequate. Coyote is a decent enough ruff but it pales in comparison to say Wolverine which is my preferred ruff for preventive frost ice up from breathing when the hood is up. The Villim hood is a far simpler design with a double toggle that cinches the hood tight. Adequate and functional. The Cabourn has a sheepskin lined hood and collar while the Villim only has sheepskin in the collar. The Cabourn collar closes up nicer but the Villim is not far off.So two copies of the same jacket at far different price points. Is the Cabourn worth its price? Absolutely not unless you are buying it because of name brand appeal and because of its nod to history and being a niche product. Is the Villim worth its price? If it performs at its stated temperature range I'd say maybe. It probably would cost more if made in the USA or Western Europe. Less if made in China.Finally, while I originally said I could see the point the OP was trying to make I could counter it by saying there are many brands making copies of the N3B US military cold weather parka (or a pleathora of other historic jackets) that range from cheap to premium (mall brands to The Real McCoys). Price points and performance differ significantly. No one accuses the cheap brands of trying to knock off the Real McCoys who are knocking off the US military with eerily accurate design and build quality. It is only because the Cabourn was a unique piece until Villim came along.So I have both the Cabourn and the Villim. i'vr spent a great deal of time in the Arctic and in sub-Arctic Canadian climes. Neither would be my go to choice when in such environments if I am depending on a jacket to keep me alive when flying or being out on the land. Both are kind of boulevard cruisersThanks for reading.


  10. Further follow up. It has been a frigid winter with -30C+ temps and windchill into the -40C range. I have been alternating between the Vilim and the Cabourn. Both perform well. The Vilim's high poly content shell gets crunchy while the Cabourn ventile remains supple. So two copies. The Cabourn being the original copy of the Everest parka and the Vilim is the copy of the copy. To be honest I dig the Vilim more and more. Was worth the money I spent on it and it is functional. I'd buy another just the same way I'd buy another Cabourn.


  11. Highly interesting post and discussion. I must admit that I definitely dig the looks and style of the vintage inspired Cabourn parka as well as I dig the idea behind it and other items by Nigel Cabourn. But coming from the menswear business I also know that the original price tag if all Cabourn designs is WAY off. It is just \”luxury\” high price policy like Hermes does, too – but for other charakters… In the end those parkas are probably worth several hundreds of pounds.When it comes to the Vilim – why is it so problematic that it is a copy? As stated above, the N-3B is copied a THOUSAND times, the Arctic Parka by Woolrich some hundred times, no one takes interest. Even Mountain parkas – original by Holubar are copied really often. The Burberry Trench is copied a MILLION times… No one cares. Conclusion: if the Vilim parka is worth it's money, no problem. I myself do not wear parkas with real fur except sheepskin, my main parka is an Alpha Explorer – a knockoff by the original company itself. I would never get such an outrage in one of my posts because something is copied. 😉


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