last week i got a large letter from POPEYE. hahahahah … ? but, yes, from POPEYE, look at the photo of the letter below. as a constant reader of my blog you know that i am a great POPEYE fan and the best POPEYE accessory i ever got was the talisman which gave MARIA from feinschmuck.de and ALEX from because blog to me some weeks ago. and damn, the POPEYE who send me this awesome MISSOURI MEERSCHAUM CORN COB PIPE was ALEX again. thanks again, ALEX – great idea! and funny, it is some years ago but i was a passionate pipe smoker for about 3 years after i stopped smoking my beloved dark GITANES. i wish, spring will come soon so that i can test the pipe on our terrace over the roofs of DARMSTADT CITY. ALEX gave me a complete small pipe survival kit with the pipe – perfect and well done. thank you. bad pics | LTG

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