i know the THOROGOOD ROOFER BOOT very well by walking some miles in it. but not in this awesome black one #814-6233 but in the tan brown THOROGOOD iconic roofer boot #633. and funny: after a while i took the roofer special sole away and put a VIBRAM #2021 on it which is similar to the VIBRAM CHRISTY. i never really liked the #633 and so i sold it on ebay a while ago to get some more space for my boot collection. but i must tell you that this black beauty is really nice – isn’t it? i never saw the THOROGOOD ROOFER BOOT in black before i found it at . one of the best online shops around the www.

some facts: black oil-tanned leather, GOODYEAR storm welt construction (fully resoleable), engineered composite shank, removable “Dual Density Ultimate Shock Absorption” footbed on Poron 4000 Comfort Cushion, VIBRAM CHRISTY blown rubber wedge outsole, seam reinforcing rivets. certainly made in the USA. pics | HICKOREES


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