just a short break from this work all day long for weeks. KLAUS – long time no see, nice to meet him yesterday morning in his shop. i knew that parts of the actual SS2013 NIGEL CABOURN collection arrived last friday. the next days will be still busy and so i decided to ride my BULLIT to schulstrasse to talk a bit to KLAUS, drink some espresso and take a look at the new NC stuff. damn: so amazing nice this f***ing camo stuff. beside this, the new TAPED CAMERAMAN and AIRCRAFT JACKET and the denim vest are really very well done too. there are some more shirts i will post later when all stuff arrived. my absolute favorites at the moment: the CAMO NOTCH WORK JACKET combined with the CAMO WORK VEST made of camo drill. detailed information later. the stuff will be online @ in about 14 days, but one camo work jacket and a vest in size 52 are missing … pics | LTG

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