2 days ago i got the first DMAX mag into my letterbox. DMAX MAGAZINE – LIFE, MOTORS, ADVENTURE. exciting – i took a first peak and … i was and i am a little bit disappointed. loving the DMAX stories on TV the magazine seems to be anxious to switch the moods from the tv stories to the pages – in my eyes this does not work. the layout is mainstream, no passion. they say: A NEW MAGAZINE FOR REAL MEN … sorry, the layout is absolutely not made for “real men”, so compatible without a feeling about a “real men” layout. what do i mean? no dirt, no sweat, no trouble, no smell for petrol and oil, no noise … nothing. and unfortunately everything but not “alone standing”. with the writing it is the same: pure mainstream. the hints at the article HAMBURG – EINE STADT FÜR ECHTE KERLE … mainstream. the SINN watches article – what a terrible story opener for such a label with heritage. damn. no. DMAX did not use the opportunity to do something new “FOR REAL MEN”. what a pity, just another f***ing lifestyle magazine for “leisure-tough-guys”.  i will get the next 2 issues too because of ordering a mini subscription. maybe something will change. pics | LTG

best layouted page of the whole mag:

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