between all the heavy work these days i took the time to visit good friends and checked up some new stuff at wonderful arranged new showroom B-74 SHOWROOM FOR SELECTED BRANDS in frankfurt/main, germany, yesterday evening. f***! so great stuff. AMTRAQ (Tellason, Tanner Goods,  DEHEN1920,  TOPO Designs, Rising Sun, REDS, Golden Bear Sports wear, Croots England, L.I. Sounders, FEINSCHMUCK, Kay Heldsdörfer, Rancourt & Co), Levis Vintage Clothing, Levis Made and Crafted, Otter Wax, Merz b. Schwanen, Gitta Plotniki, Scarti Lab and Blue Blanket show their stuff for ordering in a really great atmosphere. KAMI’s B-74 is the right location for these brands and i think this won’t be the last time. it is difficult to tell you about my favorites. but really impressing were: RISING SUN, SCARTI LAB, Merz b. Schwanen, Blue Blanket and Golden Bear. the awesome FEINSCHMUCK stuff i knew and a lot of UWE E. MAIER’s AMTRAQ stuff too. most surprising was OTTER WAX. KAMI told me a lot about the different stuff they offer. from saddle soap to fragrances and beard oil. i was really impressed and i know that the beard oil and the forest smelling fragrance will find their way to my cupboard – damn good smelling! exciting was the new LVC collection: very-cowboy-look-a-like. but not traditional old school but for the 70s and 80s urban cowboy. difficult, but with some nice pieces. KAMI, Uwe, Dirk c/o MBS, Stefan, Andy … arranged a well tasting barbecue with a lot of cold drinks and so i’ve had a short but really smooth evening over the roofs of frankfurt. pics | LTG

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