just 4 months in gentle use, this shitty orange SGP CASE is loosing its first skin and getting ugly – not looking good and rugged but unsightly. by chance i found this quite nice and heavy duty looking iPhone case made of recycled denim. and unbelievable: it costs just 25,- €. you will find it directly at the IKKU® online store or @ amazon. here some facts: made of recycled denim, polycarbonate construction, 20% recycled denim, 80% organic cotton, easy snap-on attachment, durable hard-shell construction with a soft feel, four-corner coverage, contoured skinny fit, precision cut-outs provide quick and easy access to docking connection and other device features, zero-waste design. the denim is raw, unwashed. love it right now, just 2 hours in use. you can get some other denim and canvas colors. a case for iPhone 5 isn’t available yet. pics | LTG

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