i never tried and drank a better tasting alcohol-free beer! i am not really a specialist in rating the taste of beer. my favorite alcoholic drink is vine especially RIESLING and SAUVIGNON BLANC or heavy, extra dry, but fruity red vines from italy or germany or an ice cold GIN TONIC. but when i picked up a special wheat beer for a friend last week at MARUHN, the world largest beer market of the world, i found this really originally beer box of STOERTEBEKER. after i was running or biking i like to drink isotonic beers, especially wheat beer: no calories, no alcohol, but refreshing. so i drank the most time ERDINGER which is promoted by a lot of sportsmen, but believe me, the STOERTEBEKER “BERNSTEIN WEIZEN” is a tasty sensation: fruit aromas, smooth malty and a little bit sweet with soft caramel notes, … wonderful. the color is great too, this gave the beer its name: BERNSTEIN – amber. beside this WEIZEN, the STOERTEBEKER MANUFACTURE BREWERY has a lot of other different good sounding beer sorts, like f.ex. WHISKY BEER, ATLANTIC-ALE, BERNSTEIN WEIZEN with alcohol, HANSE PORTER. and funny, the BEER BOX you see below got the “WORLD STAR FOR PACKING” in 2012, which means that this box is the nicest beer box of the world and this box caught my eyes too! in january the brewery got again five – 5! – gold medals for different beer sorts from the german agriculture company (DLG)! if you do not find STOERTEBEKER at your local beer dealer you can order your own “KARTON” with the sorts you want to try. pics | LTG

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