isn’t that a wonderful combination? i love it. the knife is made by PassionFrance® and the style is named LONDON. it is a maritime knife and because of this i like the combination of the stingray patterned bronze hook with the golden anchor – perfect content. next time i will do a special blog post about this wonderful knife. the hook is massive bronze and very well done – hand made by MARIA and MANFRED STROPPE c/o FEINSCHMUCK. ALEXANDER V. BRONEWSKI, who does the well known and fine because.blog, works also for FEINSCHMUCK. he gave me the simple but very nice and durable lace made of kangaroo leather. FEINSCHMUCK does a lot of hooks with different patterns and a lot of more fine accessories made of bronze and other materials. at their website you will find a list of stores where you can buy this beautiful stuff. PassionFrance@ knifes are available online at www.passionfrance-shop.de. pics | LTG

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