yesterday i got a mail from MARKUS SCHLEICH. i met him first @ MÄNNERABEND in illingen last year and we talked a lot. he is a creative man with best taste and a lot of ideas and very friendly. MARKUS send me some pics of his beloved MAMNICK CHIPPE FORK / BOTTLE OPENER to show this the LIFE TIME GEAR readers, because he is absolutely hooked by the small gimmick. he combines it with the “CAMPBELL COLE – SIMPLE KEY WRAP”. seems to be a perfect duo. here some facts about the MAMNICK thing: “… Laser cut and hand-finished from hardened and tempered Sheffield stainless steel the Mamnick multi-tool is an essential piece of man kit! It can be kept on a key-ring (included) or put on a chain (not included) and if your a festival goer you’ll find that this is the only piece of kit you’ll ever need to take. This product comes in a hand-stamped box made from recycled materials wrapped in a piece of black irish linen …” both, the fork and the key wrap are made in england. for more details check the links above. and thanks MARKUS for the beautiful pictures. i will do my order later. pics | MARKUS SCHLEICH

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