I am not a LAND ROVER fan, but finding this nice restored 4×4 truck let me smile. so phantastic is the look of this 1960 built LAND ROVER SERIES II 88 in pale green nicknamed „ALFRED“ / ”ALFIE”.  Because of the import to Columbia in 1960 it has a left hand drive. VOLCAN 4X4 is a specialty classic 4×4 auto dealership and restoration company based in Tampa,  Florida & Medellín,  Colombia. they are specialized in sourcing, restoring and exporting classic TOYOTA FJ40, FJ43,  FJ45 & FJ55 LAND CRUISERS and other 4×4 vehicles from Colombia to the USA and internationally. “ALFIE” was sold for 34.900 bucks in best conditon with a complete history. If you are interested in other 4X4 vehicles check their site – you’ll find one nicer than the other …  a dream for vintage 4X4 maniacs. all pics | ©volcan4x4.com/


  1. Oh, my! I owned a 1965 short-wheel base Land-Rover, the so-called station wagon version, purchased used. It was in the same pale light green (the official name of the color). I thought it was the most wonderful thing ever. While it had its shortcomings, it was truly a go-anywhere vehicle. I explored every un-gated field, strip mine and back road within a three-hour driving distance of where I was living. When it snowed, I had an urge to drive up every steep hill in town. All of that while I was still in college. Among its other features were reliability, a surprisingly smooth engine, simple bodywork and roominess for its external dimensions. Its chief shortcoming was low top speed. It would barely make sixty miles an hour without blowing the valve cover gasket. It was also cold in winter (absolutely no insulation) and rather noisy all year long. But it was well ventilated for the summer. The frame was also prone to rust in certain places. Two acquaintances in school also owned Land-Rovers, both 109-inch versions. Overall, I'm glad I got it out of my system early on.


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