I don’t know why, but for years I am a great lover of Frankincense and Myrrh fragrances. Maybe because of my childhood at catholic hometown Fulda where I was surrounded by these special incense when going to church. I love this heavy, mysterious and distinctive flavors. So some time ago I found VON EUSERSDORFF CLASSIC MYRRH … fantastic. These are the fragrance notes: Top Note: Frankincense, Cedar Leaves, Petitgrain | Heart Note: Lignum Vitae, Violet, Sandalwood,  Myrrh | Base Note: Patchouly, Vetiver, Labdanum (Rockrose). The perfumer is Camille Henfling. For more information please check the best fragrance site I know: Aus Liebe zum Duft. If you are looking for a masculine fragrance away from mainstream VON EUSERSDORFF CLASSIC MYRRH could be something for your X-mas wishlist. pics | LTG

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