I don’t know why, but for years I am a great lover of Frankincense and Myrrh fragrances. Maybe because of my childhood at catholic hometown Fulda where I was surrounded by these special incense when going to church. I love this heavy, mysterious and distinctive flavors. So some time ago I found VON EUSERSDORFF CLASSIC MYRRH … fantastic. These are the fragrance notes: Top Note: Frankincense, Cedar Leaves, Petitgrain | Heart Note: Lignum Vitae, Violet, Sandalwood,  Myrrh | Base Note: Patchouly, Vetiver, Labdanum (Rockrose). The perfumer is Camille Henfling. For more information please check the best fragrance site I know: Aus Liebe zum Duft. If you are looking for a masculine fragrance away from mainstream VON EUSERSDORFF CLASSIC MYRRH could be something for your X-mas wishlist. pics | LTG


when i saw KLAUS c/o volls.de this monday, he gave me DRECKIG BLEIBEN to smell. KLAUS knows that i prefer intensive heavy weight insence parfums – no wonder i come from a very catholic region … so i tried DRECKIG BLEIBEN. the first impression: great! it is not frankincense i smell, but it is heavy and very smoky – good. the makers of this parfum describe the fragrance like this: “DRECKIG BLEIBEN opens with a harmonious note drawn of bergamot from Calabria, neroli oil from Tunisia, Sicilian mandarin and Chinese ginger. Its heart brings together the scents of the smoky oil of the cistus, of gurjum oil and of elemi, the oil of the balsam tree. The base consists of earthy cedarwood, the oil of the guaiacum tree, sandalwood and vanilla.” very masculine. the smell turns after some hours into a smooth nearly sweet fragrance, really exciting. the flacon is very nice too. the wooden top is handmade from centuries-old wood, won from timber-framed houses. and really practicable: it is double closed with a classic spray flacon. interesting, the maker of the fragance MARK BUXTON worked for COMME DES GARCONS who still make one of my absolutely favorite fragrances the SERIES 3 INCENSE. more about DRECKIG BLEIBEN, the idea, the people behind check dreckigbleiben.com. it is available at volls.de. not online yet, but soon. and hurry up, DRECKIG BLEIBEN is limited to 999 pieces! made in france. pics | LTG


as you know i am a great fan of PORTLAND GENERAL STORE’S WHISKEY fragrance. long before i discovered this one i took strong frankincense fragrances from COMME DE GARCONS INCENSE SERIES 3 and MONOCLE. there is another one i won’t explain – a kind of secret. but this week i discovered RUNDHOLZ PARFUMS – 03. APR. 1968 at great AUS LIEBE ZUM DUFT store. the “first in fragrance” in germany maybe in europe. just a short description for more check the AUS LIEBE ZUM DUFT SITE: “Incense, its scent is mystical considered as divine in Japan whole ceremonies are dedicated to it, in the Orient it started the art of perfumery and it was also the beginning of Lenka Rundholz’ vision, to create a unique fragrance …”  the fragrance composition: topnote – Lychee, heartnote – Heliotrope, basenote – Frankincense. the FRANKINCENSE note is so heavy that you have to be careful in use. sensational! i love this mystical heavy smell. pics | LTG