today i did a day off and went to fulda, germany, my city of birth where my parents and my brother live. i met my brother-in-law HANS there to go mountain biking the next three days. today we did our first trip fulda river upwards through the mountains of vogelsberg. it was rainy, cold, muddy but it was so great in the autumn forest! i got some new stuff from ASSOS last week but i did not use it because i was afraid of getting the new stuff too dirty. hm. but what a fun, HANS wore an old school ASSOS RUBY JACKET which back i designed 12 years ago with a big print. nostalgic look but the ASSOS jacket is still working – no wonder, best quality ever in bike clothes. today we did 65 kilometers. it was heavy for me because of the weather conditions and the bad muddy forest ways. running is really another thing. tomorrow we’ll go by MTB from fulda to WASSERKUPPE the highest mountain in RHOEN with 950 meters. i think i will go to bed early this evening. pics |  LTG