long time no post: too much to work … heavy days just 2 weeks before i will go to spain for a 14 days holiday with the family. i have a lot of jobs to finish before.

when cooking last evening i remembered my grandma MARIA because of using this spoon below. my grandma died years ago and i told my mother that the only thing i MUST have is this wonderful spoon i used from childhood on. it reminds me the great time with my grandma who was the best you can imagine. i always loved to stay there. i don’t know why, but i know exactly that as a little boy i was already fascinated by these 2 letters: US, and i knew that this spoon was ripped, however, from the BLACK HORSE REGIMENT that was garrisoned at FULDA after WWII. when i stayed at my grandma i saw the GIs passing the house where she lived for decades when they did their morning runs, singing and shouting. i will never forget this. and sorry, i miss the army in FULDA and DARMSTADT. it was a little piece of the USA here in germany. pics | LTG


to excited! a JEEP WRANGLER is on my LIFE TIME GEAR list to own it one day. i think since i saw my first JEEP (an army WILLY)  in the late 60s in FULDA driven by GIs of the BLACK HORSE REGIMENT. okay, just 3 months ago i could strike another dream car from the LIFE TIME GEAR wish list. yeah, but that’s another subject. isn’t that pure white classic JEEP WRANGLER combined with the classic MARTINI design a beauty? and the STARWOOD MOTORS goodies? classic design meets something that does not fit but fit because of this fact combined with pure high-tech. exciting: i love this! AND, f***, an 392 HEMI V8 machine. for more information, check the DUPONT REGISTERY site. pics | STARWOOD MOTORS


today i did a day off and went to fulda, germany, my city of birth where my parents and my brother live. i met my brother-in-law HANS there to go mountain biking the next three days. today we did our first trip fulda river upwards through the mountains of vogelsberg. it was rainy, cold, muddy but it was so great in the autumn forest! i got some new stuff from ASSOS last week but i did not use it because i was afraid of getting the new stuff too dirty. hm. but what a fun, HANS wore an old school ASSOS RUBY JACKET which back i designed 12 years ago with a big print. nostalgic look but the ASSOS jacket is still working – no wonder, best quality ever in bike clothes. today we did 65 kilometers. it was heavy for me because of the weather conditions and the bad muddy forest ways. running is really another thing. tomorrow we’ll go by MTB from fulda to WASSERKUPPE the highest mountain in RHOEN with 950 meters. i think i will go to bed early this evening. pics |  LTG


last week i took 2 days off and went with my family to my birth city FULDA for hiking till yesterday. we did some tours with my dad in the beautiful HOCHRHÖN region having best weather. on friday we went to KREUZBERG where an old franciscan abbey is. it was a great day with a lot of walked kilometers, drinking self brewed beer and spectacular views. by the way: the “CLASSIC DANNER LIGHT” is the perfect hiking boot. so light, so comfortable, waterproofed with breathable GORE-TEX® lining, VIBRAM kletterlift outsole … absolutely genial! high tech combined with retro, classic design. bad pics | LTG