these are good news: i do not need a new winter jacket this season! these are the bad news: the new NIGEL CABOURN F/W 2011 is so awesome that it is hard to overcome the temptation to buy a piece. the NC x EDDIE BAUER stuff is really well done – i could see and try it at volls. one piece is nicer than the other. when i tried the CANADIAN VEST it happened. i did not give it back to KLAUS. here are my favorites. beside there are some other icon pieces like the EVEREST PARKA in orange, HUNTING and MALLORY JACKETS and some KNITWEAR and bags – check pics | Klaus Voll

LIFE TIME GEAR tested: best vest ever! the NIGEL CABOURN x Eddie Bauer Canadian Vest

NIGEL CABOURN x Eddie Bauer Skyliner Jackets

NIGEL CABOURN Everest Parka: NEW dark brown sheepskin collar! nice look and pactical

another absolute favorite of LIFE TIME GEAR: the 1940s DB Jacket Harris Tweed

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