Guys, it’s getting winter here in middle Germany. No more Oxfords without socks. Time to sock up with socks that don’t suck. Beside my Red Wing Shoes socks and CHUPS I always wear in all my boots from Alden over Rocky Heritage Boots to White’s these four pairs of ANONYMOUS ISM are the first I’ll try. The Anchor Socks are not really made for extreme cold conditions but perfect for fall. The camouflage ones are really thick and warm – and so cozy! The unique socks of ANONYMOUS ISM are woven on looms from the 1970s in a Japanese manufacture. Made from natural materials and thick yarns the socks are produced in distinct colors and peerless patterns. By built of the looms and use of quality yarns the efficiency of the machinery is limited to less than 50 pairs of these thick and durable socks per day! Okay … whatever, I love the designs. Got my socks from pics | LTG


since years i wear these belts made by DUKES VINTAGE ARTISAN: 24/7. all belts i bought at KLAUS was one of the first dealers offering these beautiful stuff. this is what he says about: “Dukes finest Vintage stands for selected, unique and handmade originals. The collection is a very exclusive range of extremely rare belts. After selecting and cleaning each belt with special composed leather lotions all emboss and paint is applied. Every step to produce these character loaded originals is done by around 200 handmade steps to guarantee a unique and authentic vintage lovers item.” yes. here some pics of my own belts and the top #04 of belts you can order @ or to put on your xmas wishlist. pics | | LTG 

LTG’s top #04 @

LTG’s DUKES belts


the weather forecast told us, that there will be rain and thunderstorms today in middle germany and that the next days will be about 20°C. okay, there was some rain and low winds that blow the 37°C from this morning away. for 1 hour we have had about 22°C, and now at 5 PM it is nearly 30°C again. so the next days i think it’s good to know some colored short sleeved shirts in the cupboard. here some of my favorites. as you see: i love patterned shirts. pics | LTG

IRON AND RESIN | Peter Fields


vintage DUKE KAHANAMOKU hawaiin shirt


vintage  HILO HATTIES, the hawaiin original



yesterday i visited KLAUS c/o it was time to pick up some stuff which was reserved for me since weeks. there wasn’t any time before: because of working, working and working … when i entered the shop i saw a line of new YUKETEN shoes and boots. wonderful, timeless classics: different styles and color-ways of MAINE GUIDE CHUKKAS and ANGLER MOCS. my favorite is the suede chestnut brown ANGLER MOC HEX EYE. for me a hybrid between a classic oxford and a boat-shoe – great look! for more information about the new stuff enter the YUKETEN site @ i never slipped into a boot without socks and felt so comfortable as in the ANGLER MOC. i told you: an absolute perfect summer shoe. pics |, LTG


these are good news: i do not need a new winter jacket this season! these are the bad news: the new NIGEL CABOURN F/W 2011 is so awesome that it is hard to overcome the temptation to buy a piece. the NC x EDDIE BAUER stuff is really well done – i could see and try it at volls. one piece is nicer than the other. when i tried the CANADIAN VEST it happened. i did not give it back to KLAUS. here are my favorites. beside there are some other icon pieces like the EVEREST PARKA in orange, HUNTING and MALLORY JACKETS and some KNITWEAR and bags – check pics | Klaus Voll

LIFE TIME GEAR tested: best vest ever! the NIGEL CABOURN x Eddie Bauer Canadian Vest

NIGEL CABOURN x Eddie Bauer Skyliner Jackets

NIGEL CABOURN Everest Parka: NEW dark brown sheepskin collar! nice look and pactical

another absolute favorite of LIFE TIME GEAR: the 1940s DB Jacket Harris Tweed