as i assumed: THE MISSION played yesterday evening in DAS BETT at frankfurt an excellent gig. it was a very intimate concert, because the club is so small that you felt WAYNE HUSSEY’s breath in front of the stage. GREAT! this live performance will take a front place in my all-time concert chart. KLAUS was very enthused, too AND thx for the invitation! it was a great evening with three original members of THE MISSION and all the hits of the band. sometimes i thought time was turned back to the late eighties, all the people in black, their styles, the music … the video is from the gig at BRIXTON ACADEMY four days ago. pics | Klaus with iphone 4G

AND i found it!!! the ticket from 1987 when i saw THE MISSION the first time: at the #1 BIZZARE FESTIVAL at famous LORELEY. i remember that the festival was wonderful and me … very young …

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