ARTISAN DISTILLERY? that sounds interesting … and it is! located in ALAMEDA, california, ST. GEORGE SPIRITS produce various spirits for the american market: ABSINTHE, BRANDIES, GIN, LIQUEURS, SINGLE-MALT WHISKEY, RUM AGRICOLE… they were founded as an eau de vie distillery nearly 30 years ago and “the principles of old world eau de vie distillation continue to inform every product we make today. eau de vie is all about capturing the essence of raw materials – it’s the only way we know to make fruit live forever. we work in small batches on copper pot stills. we watch our stills carefully, tasting as we go and discarding anything that’s less than absolutely sublime. Our goal is maximize flavor and aroma,  not profitability. It’s an artisanal process that results in a better-tasting product – that’s why we’ve always distilled that way and we always will”. check out more facts at, it is really exciting. and i like especially their bottle and etiquette designs – very nice and tasteful. pics | ST: GEORGE SPIRITS, Erin Hall, Jan Stürmann

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