Damn, this soap is a Must-Have for GIN aficionados. What a great idea. The soap comes in a heavy old school apothecary bottle and a bronze optic hand pump – really significant. When washing your hands you first will smell wonderful citrus notes followed by the smell of cinchona, which is characteristic for every Tonic Water. After washing your hands you will smell a smart juniper taste. A great experience! And don’t worry, the soap is Ph-adjusted so that your hands stay smooth and fresh. It is made in Karlsruhe, Germany. The first batch was 2.000 pieces, all with hand written number and i got a repdigit: number 333. Lucky! A wonderful gift for every Gin lover … you can get it via pics | LTG


Today I went to Maruhn “The World of Beverages”, one of the best sorted shops in Germany! The last months I collected a lot of beverage boxes in the basement of special craft beers, exotic soft drinks etc that I just could give back directly to Maruhn – complicated because of driving some kilometers, but pure money. So I got nearly 30 € back and I did not want to take another new box with me. So I decided to check Maruhn’s Gin rack. Damn … !!! I don’t know how many different sorts of Gin Maruhn offers, but believe me: nearly uncountable. And the best is, that you find really exotic sorts and labels beside all these nowadays hipster Gins like Monkey 47, Ferdinand’s etc. So I discovered GIN SIEBEN. When you live in Hessen, Germany, you know what “Grüne Soße” or as the Frankfurt citizens say “Grie Soß” is. You don’t know? “In Germany green sauce is known as Frankfurter Grüne Soße. It is a traditional dish in Frankfurt and Hessen. The cold herb sauce consists of sour cream, boiled eggs, spices, and of course, herbs.  Rumours and heated discussions about the origins of the Frankfurter Grüne Soße, as well as what is considered the authentic recipe, circulate about this famous german food.” (by Germany Insider Facts). GIN SIEBEN is made of the obligatory juniper but combined with the typical “Grüne Soße” botanicals like borage – great taste! –, chervil, peppergrass, parsley, burnet, garden sorrel and chive. What a wonderful taste, not so extreme fruity but really pleasant extraordinary but smooth – I am excited. All seven herbs come from Oberrad, a part of the Frankfurt City, the of the herbs is inspired by Frankfurt’s “Grie Soß”, the basic alcohol is from a distillery near Frankfurt, the grain for this also, the same with the water: a “Frankfurt Original”. Check the GIN SIEBEN Website for ordering or ask your Gin dealer. pics | LTG || graphics | GIN SIEBEN


Some weeks ago I went to a small fair in Mainz which travels through Germany the “Stijl DesignMarkt”. There I met one of the Elwert Brothers and picked up a new GIN and a liquor made of 11 precious herbs called GYLD. After I tried both I must tell you that both are amazing – the taste is very well. GYLD is a well balanced mix of german and some foreign herbs f. ex. ginger, vanilla, cardamom and star anis. The taste is so unique and smooth. As I remember the father of the Elwerts was a pharmacist in 3rd-generation in Böhmenkirch near Augsburg, Bavaria, and he developed and sold this liquor to the folks who appreciated now named GYLD as a well healing medicine: A so called “Lebenselixir” in german – an elixir for life. 2013 the Elwert brothers began to promote GYLD in a new and temporary way. Furthermore they created a new DRY GIN named “GOLDBERNER” and the peppermint liquor “WEISSER PFEFFER” (white pepper). The peppermint liquor I did not tried yet. “GOLDBERNER” is a wonderful fresh and natural tasting GIN done from the ingredients and botanicals of GYLD with an incisive note of juniper and spurs of orange peel. I love the really fruity taste of this 45 Vol. % strong Dry Gin. Guys – just taste it. The Elwert Brothers have a well designed website where you can order this tasty stuff: 
pics | LTG


Do you know SOUL OBJECTS? I think everyone knows soul objects and has some favorite soul objects for his own. But do you know the store SOUL OBJECTS? If you don’t it is time to check it out. SOUL OBJECTS is a great store in the heart of Berlin, Germany. In short: you get there vintage & antique furniture, curious beard grooming products and barbershop supplies,  non-standard accessories,  a lot of handmade, unique stuff & bags, vintage rum & whiskey, gin, wine, art and, and, and so on. It is a must to check their site to learn more about this great store and its owners Kornelius & Oliver, men full of soul – they live what they sell. Look at the wonderful store photos full of soul below … awesome. Anyway, some weeks ago i ordered a new fragrance and another gin for my collection. Best choice! The Bois 1920 DOLCE DI GIORNO – Eau de Parfum is really something special. It would be too much to describe the smell and the idea behind this fragrance – and something more special: i got a limited art collection piece with a nice package design. DOL GIN is a direct hit for my gin collection. Great taste, not to fruity but so smooth. It is made in South Tirol, Italy. This is what the distiller says about his gin: “Florian Rabanser,  the master distiller at Plunhof,  is not only a perfectionist when it comes to the distillation of classic brandies and grappas,  but he is also overflowing with creativity and impetus when it comes to the implementation of new ideas. Two years of developmental work have brought us the first gin distilled in the region,  the first distilled only from herbs and ingredients grown here in the Dolomites. Together with the village apothecary,  we have meticulously analyzed which herbs typically used in the production of gin grow here in the Dolomites,  and which can be reasonably substituted with other local herbs. The high quality outcome is a real insiders’ tip and contains numerous plants and herbs,  which grow wildly here in the area of Mount Sciliar. Only the indispensable lemon zest is brought in from Lake Garda. We must wait another 20 years until we can grow our own lemons here in Siusi allo Sciliar.” Interested? Yes. Have a nice weekend SoulSisters and SoulBrothers – enjoy! pics | Bois 1920 & Dol Gin LTG || picsstore | Soul Objects


Read about this stuff somewhere some time … sorry, i don’t know it anymore and for sure it is not important. But I am really happy to find this great German GIN. Not because of its winning “WORLD SPIRITS AWARD 2015” but because of its sensational taste. But it is interesting that SIEGFRIED is the highest ranked German Gin ever at World Spirits Award 2015. Because I am not a virtuous Gin Taster – I just can tell you that I like it because of its extremely fresh spicy ginger taste – here is what the makers of SIEGFRIED say about its smell and taste:
Gentle citrus notes of bitter orange are accompanied by hints of thyme , cardamom and juniper and thus develop a harmonious complexity.
Taste:The freshness of lavender meets spicy- earthy notes of ginger, angelica root, cubeb and is finished with a subtle, warm character of linden blooms, which make SIEGFRIED to SIEGFRIED.”

I was really impressed about the taste. I just tried it pure with some ice and later mixed with some Thomas Henry tonic water on citron – great. SIEGRIED Rheinland Dry Gin is as its name tells you from the Rhine Region,  made of a composition of 18 fine botanicals.Linden blooms are used as its lead botanical. The Linden Tree has a leading role in ancient German Nibelung Saga,  when a leaf landed on Siegfried’s back,  while enjoying his bath in the blood of a dragon. “Driven by the sheer desire for honest and artisan products we have developed this premium gin. SIEGFRIED is traditionally distilled in small units from only the finest ingredients, without any industrial tools, artificial flavors or additives, with calm, patience and attention to detail.” And I love the design of the bottle – well done. You can order your SIEGFRIED directly from the distiller: SIEGRFRIED SHOP pics | LTG


as last year it was again a fantastic event in the out of nowhere in SAARLAND, germany, near the previous french border. great, what the BREMERICH FAMILY particularly OLI BREMERICH and his team from the shop arrange and organize for MAENNERABEND every year. the guys in and around this small town ILLINGEN can be lucky! also, here out in the country the people are so cool, so kind and so honest – a great atmosphere! when i sometimes join events in big towns the folks are often so bigheaded and such a kind of fake. so what, this was a wonderful night, which was much too short … time was running so fast. a big thank you again to KATJA & OLI BREMERICH for best hospitably. for me it is something like coming home when visiting OLI & KATJA. i did a lot of pics so i will post a second part later. pics // LTG


today i got a parcel from OLI BREMERICH owner of BREMERICH JEANS, ILLINGEN, GERMANY. wonderful, because it’s “MAENNERABEND” time again and OLI wants me to get stimulated for tomorrow evening. so he send me 2 bottles of FERDINANDS DRY GIN and the official invitation, i made for him. great idea. while writing this post i try the SAAR QUINCE GIN i did not know before – just on the rocks, without tonic or water. sounds great for me as a RIESLING lover, because this “SLOE GIN” is “riesling wine infused”. f***, what a great taste. this golden stuff is at the same time so smooth and tasty. and FERDINAND’S  DRY GIN – one of my absolute GIN favorites –, which is made of 30 fine botanicals from the local vineyards is so perfect done too. okay, enough compliments: take your own bottle of FERDINANDS and enjoy it – for more information and shopping, check you may ask why OLI send this stuff to me? not just to prepare for tomorrow eveining, but the owner of FERDINAND’S will do a gin tasting at  “MAENNERABEND”. furthermore UWE E. MAIER c/o AMTRAQ DISTRIBUTION, ROB and KEITH from EAT DUST will join the event and show some stuff of their actual and upcoming collections. beside OLI will show the folks some new stuff from FILSON, RED WING SHOES and various JAPANESE DENIMs. great, i am happy to join an evening with friends tomorrow … photos // LTG


at first, as a great gin lover and graphic designer seeing this bottle, it was a must-have-item for me. the  bottle has one of the nicest designs i ever saw: so reduced, so cool, so to the point “BROKEN HEART”. great idea to double the 2 parts of one broken heart and put it on different places at the bottle. so you can watch nice mirrored and transparent effects – i love this. about the GIN: well, from new zealand – okay … interesting. i did not tried it yet, but it is described as a “pure, elegant and aromatic product with a really fine style, mild to the palate, compact and well-balanced but straight”. this was mentioned by an austrian sommelier where BROKEN HEART GIN was just rated – sounds good. it is made on a base of juniper with 11 different herbs mostly of the maker’s own organic plants and fresh spring water … “with a twist of orange”. BROKEN HEART GIN is an 100% natural product without any sugar, synthetic flavors and ingredients. check the BROKEN HEART website to read something about its interesting story: 2 germans created this GIN in NEW ZEALAND – sounds a bit crazy. pics | LTG


sorry, i found another new german GIN : “GRANIT”, made in bavaria, germany. when i saw the bottle design it was a must to get this GIN to try and to put it to my GIN collection. because of getting better photos the bottle is still closed, so i can’t tell you something about the taste. i still have another german gin from SAARLAND, germany, i did not tried and posted too. when i did this, i will do a gin tasting with just all the different german gins i own. i think my editor PETER Z. will help me to judge and comment the gins. GRANIT is a BIO GIN made of 28 different botanicals. classic gin ingredients like citrus, coriander, cardamon are combined with typical bavarian herbages and plants like melissa, german “BÄRWURZ” and gentian – the description sounds really interesting. after aging some months in stoned barrels the gin is filtered through granite stones with different granulations. the gin has BIO quality! every bottle is delivered with a real granite stone which you can use as an ice cube when you put into the refrigerator. great idea, perfect look. the bottlle design and feel is really awesome! it looks so heritage and masculine, bavarian, craftsmanship. when i found GRANIT @ the PENNINGER site i found BLUTWURZ BLACK EDITION with its distinctive design. i don’t know if i will like this dangerous looking drink ever … but this bottle is a must-have too. i will report after the first try. pics | LTG