saturday evening was great: at first PETER and me visited UWE c/o AMTRAQ DISTRIBUTION at his office in frankfurt/main, germany, and after that we all joined together the LAMBCHOP concert. first of all the concert was really nice, sometimes very low, but exciting by the same way. KURT WAGNER’s voice is catchy – you just have listen to! AWESOME. but the songs from their actual longplayer “MR. M”, dedicated to the band’s died friend VIC CHESSNUT, are so sad and you feel deep devotional. but before PETER and me discovered UWE’s mens playground: the AMTRAQ office. we could have stayed there for hours. the office interior is so tastefully. UWE was explaining his stuff, me i checked and tried one piece after another, pizza, beer, good music …just perfect! over all TELLASON denim and the DEHEN1920 stuff fascinated me most. great stuff! but don’t forget MAKR, TANNER GOODS, TOPO DESIGN and SPORTSWEAR REG. UWE, you did a good selection, a lot of new and exciting stuff for german men shops and outfitters. pics | lLambchop | LTG


me, trying a DEHEN jacket while taking photos

 peter z., master of text

 KURT WAGNER in frankfurt/main, unionhalle

3 guys, 3 different boots: VIBERG, ALDEN & WHITE’S

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