Fashion Week cancelled? You bet we are holding up the flag for Frankfurt. January 2021 I joined the Amtraq Distribution Team located in the heart of Frankfurt. We invite all trade buyers to visit our Showroom Days from 5th to 9th of July here @ Massif Central Frankfurt. Take a peak and check this awesome location! See you … DM or call for your appointment ›› Amtraq Distribution

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The last weeks I relaunched the www.tellason.de site and online shop. I did a lot of new photos to give the page a clear and uniform look. I also put the new spring/summer stuff 2021 online we stock here at the Tellason Germany warehouse in Frankfurt. It is just a small selection but you’ll find a lot of “Life Time Gear” pieces. One of my absolute favorites is the combination of the bone colored “Baker Jacket”, “JK Vest” and “Work Pant”. The short version of Tellason’s iconic “Fatigue Pant” will be your best companion for the upcoming summer – available in olive, navy and british tan made of 100% cotton sateen. Also perfect for summer and warmer spring days is this new stuff made of 100% lightweight Ripstop cotton: “Field Jacket”, “BDU Jacket”, “Fatigue Pants” in black and olive and the “Bowling Shirt” … What are your Tellason summertime favorites?

We also restocked the Garment Dyed “Coverall Jackets” made in USA of 13oz. bull denim … I own myself the “Mustard” and the “International Orange” one. I think you can’t have enough Coverall Jackets 😉 this is what I call “Life Time Gear” at its best. Have a great weekend folks.

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Baker Jacket Bone
Worker Pant Bone
BDU Jacket Olive
Fatigue Pant Ripstop Black
Fatigue Pant Ripstop Olive
Field Jacket Ripstop Olive
Field Jacket Ripstop Black
Bowling Shirt Ripstop Olive
Fatigue Shorts Sateen British Tan
Fatigue Shorts Sateen Olive
Fatigue Shorts Sateen Navy
Coverall Jacket Garment Dyed in Mustard (left) and International Orange


Just some minutes ago I got Ralf’s first newsletter with grand news: www.ralfkellenberger.com is online now! I am so happy with the result because working together as a consultant with Rocky Beach Studio at the conception, design and realization of this unique store. Even more because I am a great fan of Ralf’s work. My first piece was a B74 Selected Goods ring made by Ralf 10 years ago. Meanwhile I own three rings and a fourth is in progress and we got friends and a good working team. Ralf was born 1982 in Pforzheim, Germany, known as the „Golden City“. Raised by his mother, a jewelry designer and his father, a diamond setter. It was their natural talent and sharp eye for detail that have inspired him through the years to create a unique and timeless collection true to the motto “Humbled by art, inspired by the earth.” Please check his new website to discover Ralf’s awesome jewelry. Every piece has its own history … it is really interesting reading this stories. All pieces are now available at www.ralfkellenberger.com or exclusive at B74 Selected Goods Shop in Frankfurt. By the way the man with the camera and three Rings on – this is me.

© Photos: Ralf Kellenberger | Marc & David | Life Time Gear [Advertisement due to tagging of brands]


Next Saturday 27th of April Les Apaches de Francfort will open the Bike Summer Season at B74 Selected Goods with a big event. Last year I joined this event and I can tell you don’t miss it! And if you don’t own a bike that doesn’t matter, because it is an event for the whole family with music, barbecue and other attractions. The Opening Run will start at 11:00 – meeting at 10:00 at B74 Selected Goods Berliner Str. 74, 60311 Frankfurt Germany. If you want to be part of the opening run please send your confirmation to info@lesapaches.de till the 24th of April. The Chill & Grill event will start at 14:00 at B74 Selected Goods. If there will be bad weather the event will be one weekend later at the 04th of Mai; same time table. Here just some impressions from last years event.

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What a surprise this morning. Online Magazine “SAPEUR – One Step Beyond” launched a full length interview with B74 Selected Goods owner Kami Hashemi. What a nice read! Everyone who knows Kami recognizes the authenticity in his wording. It is a pitty that the interview is just in German, but maybe you can ask a German speaking friend to translate. It is really interesting. Kami also owns the first Red Wing Shoe Store outside the USA located in Frankfurt and the FREITAG by B74 Selected Goods Store. The B74 also drives an online shop: www.b74.de … Feel free to visit these great stores if you are in Frankfurt, Germany, or stop by online! all pics | Christian Schramm Photography


Because of the Pecos Post today @redwingfrankfurt on Instagram and Facebook I decided to do a more detailed post at LTG Blog. So you have some views how nice this great boot ages. The iconic Red Wing “PECOS” boot style has a long history. In 1930 this “pull on” boot was introduced especially at this time for ranchers, cowboys and drilling roughnecks. The Pecos features till today a simple but at the same time so nice and timeless design, has a very comfortable fit and the more it get rugged the better it looks – as you see in the pics below. This boot is still made the same way as in these early days with quality leathers in our factory in Red Wing. And the time when a Pecos was worn just for working is long ago. It is the perfect boot for the urban prairie, for biker or just to stroll around. At the end of the last year it was  launched a very special Pecos: this limited #4327 Red Wing x Eat Dust Pecos in this wonderful Oro russet Abilene roughout leather. The nicest Pecos ever I think! The Pecos is available at Red Wing Shoe Store Frankfurt online and in-store. AND it is strictly limited! pics | LTG + Jelle Keppens for Red Wing Heritage 


Last Saturday I joined the Summer Season Opening 2018 of “Les Apaches de Francfort” at B74 Selected Goods in Frankfurt. It was a fuckin’ great day with best weather, more than 80!!! bikes, best food, drinks and some Rock’n’Roll. From 11:30 to 15:00 the folks were on the road and after that the party started. So many different people, so many different bikes, no clichés at all – everything seemed to be really authentic. It was great to be there and to take a breath of this wonderful atmosphere. pics | LTG



Red Wing Shoes and Denim, Denim and Red Wing Shoes … what a great match. Even more if the denim fits absolutely perfect to the boots you wear! Take a look at the blue line raw selvage denim from Tellason on these nice blue RWS Moc Toe Style #8882. Or Tellasons Ladbroke Grove in 16.5oz Cone Mills White Oak ORANGE line raw selvage denim and this limited Irish Setter 9877 customized by Brian Troung. The oro-legacy leather of iconic RWS style #875 and #877 would also fit the orange selvage perfectly. And at last the RWS x Eat Dust Pecos #4327 made of Oro-Russet Portage and Abilene leather combined with classic red selvage from Tellason’s Gustave in 14.75oz Cone Mills White Oak denim. It is such a great idea by Tellason Denim to give each denim weight another selvage color – isn’t it? And again – it is all about the details. You mean this is something for nerds? No, but for Red Wing lovers and Denim Dudes! Best addresses to live this passion: www.b74.de and www.redwingfranfurt.com. pics | LTG



Guys, here some more pics from this fantastic at the same time so cool but familial event. It is is always a pleasure to join these 3 days with friends and meanwhile a lot of friends. See you latest next summer! And a big thank you to Iris and Kami for a perfect organization. pics | LTG