when i visited UWE @ AMTRAQ DISTRIBUTION he gave me 2 different TELLASON jeans. since this day on i wore my slim tapered 12.5 oz white oak cone mills denim named Ladbroke Grove nearly every day. great cut, perfect fit, comfortable, best looking – awesome. TELLASON stuff is made in san francisco – all material and components are made in the USA. beside the Ladbroke Grove there are 2 other styles: Johan Graham Mellor & Ankara. in summer there will be a new one which will be named Gustave. PETE & TONY from TELLASON are great THE CLASH fans. so all jeans’ styles are concerned to the famous english punkband. Ladbroke Grove f.ex. is a part of LONDON where JOE STRUMMER grew up. available for fall/winter 2012 @ and B-74.

here some features of TELLASON jeans:
_ extra deep front pocket bags made our of 11 oz cotton
_ lower part of back pockets re-inforced by cotton to avoid comb,  knife or wllet to push trough, leather patch made by TANNER GGODS of Portland,  Or.
_ “yoke-over-panel” construction for better fit and easier reach of back pockets.
_ TELLASON produced the FILSON Jeans and some stuff for A CONTINOUS LEAN
pics & vid | TELLASON


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