My soulbrother Michael Uhlemann Master Chief of Cuisine M. send me some pics of his new Tellason aprons made of 14.75oz Cone Mills White Oak Denim. The apron is limited to 50 pieces and it was sadly for sure the last Cone Denim production – so something really special! The leather patch shows the “TEN” logo standing for the 10th anniversary of Tellason. “Michael is Tellason”, he is the biggest Tellason fan I know and so it is fantastic that they made an apron that he can use when cooking – maybe they did it especially for Michael 😉 who is already longer a very good friend to Tellason’s Pete & Tony and Distributor Uwe E. Maier c/o Amtraq Distribution, who love his way to cook so much and above all his personality and his loyalty to the brand … do you know anyone who has a “Tellason Wall Of Fame” at home? I know!
© Michael Uhlemann | Life-Time-Gear.com

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Hi guys, I am back! After 6 months of working so much on different projects I will continue LIFE TIME GEAR blog. I am so sorry, that LTG blog was “sleeping” and I was really surprised, that a lot of people asked and wrote me, if LTG is dead and that I should keep going on the blog – I will do! Okay, one of these projects was the creative direction of the “TEN” magazine I did for TELLASON and AMTRAQ DISTRIBUTION because of the 10th Anniversary of TELLASON. It was a great pleasure to do this for Pete, Tony and Uwe –you must know, since 2012 I didn’t wear another jean than my two pairs Tellason Gustave. We have have had an exciting time with a lot of work and best teamwork with people around the world. Last week the magazine was launched at the “TEN”  anniversary party during Selvedge Run 2019. Here just some pages to look at. 
© Photo TEN Title | Leonardo Nave
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Some days ago I shot the last week launched upper tier Red Wing Moc Toe #8819 for the Red Wing Shoe Store Frankfurt. What a nice boot! It is made of Oro-Russet Portage and Oro Russet Abilene Leather and comes with leather laces plus original Red Wing nylon laces packed in a special old-school white Red Wing Box. The new model is a totally new and unique product. The combination on a Moc toe of Rough Out and Smooth leather has been done before in 1981, but this was a complete different execution on a different out sole. If you are interested in this special boot you have to be quick, because it is strictly limited. Once it is sold out, it is over. The boot is available @ Red Wing Shoe Store Frankfurt online and in-store. pics | © Life Time Gear for Red Wing Shoe Store  Frankfurt


Last week www.b74.de did the first newsletter after the launch of their new online shop just a few days ago. When talking to the owner and founder of this great concept store Kami, the response was really good. So this weekend the next newsletter went out. After ”ALL IN BLACK” now a triple color combination is the motto: red, white and blue. This is not a statement “pro USA”, the B74 crew just likes this color combination of the back in stock Orcival Marine Shirt, the 16.5 oz Tellason Coverall Jacket and the Johnson Motors Bandana. pics | LTG & www.b74.de


While I was @ holidays SIMON finished my Big B Dungaree Wabash Shorts. So when I sadly and pissed off came back because of my finished Caribbean holidays, I had the joy to receive a parcel with this awesome shorts. Damn, this perfect one is really something special. Great extraordinary look with an absolute perfect fit. The shorts are made of 12oz raw denim with this great heart dot pattern. “They feature a high rise which clamps comfortably around the waist, a wide breezy thigh and handy deep sail cloth lined pockets all round.” There were only 50 pieces produced. I do not know how many were sold, but for sure here you can get it: @ the SJC online store. Pics | LTG _ People Shots | SJC


when i visited UWE @ AMTRAQ DISTRIBUTION he gave me 2 different TELLASON jeans. since this day on i wore my slim tapered 12.5 oz white oak cone mills denim named Ladbroke Grove nearly every day. great cut, perfect fit, comfortable, best looking – awesome. TELLASON stuff is made in san francisco – all material and components are made in the USA. beside the Ladbroke Grove there are 2 other styles: Johan Graham Mellor & Ankara. in summer there will be a new one which will be named Gustave. PETE & TONY from TELLASON are great THE CLASH fans. so all jeans’ styles are concerned to the famous english punkband. Ladbroke Grove f.ex. is a part of LONDON where JOE STRUMMER grew up. available for fall/winter 2012 @ volls.de and B-74.

here some features of TELLASON jeans:
_ extra deep front pocket bags made our of 11 oz cotton
_ lower part of back pockets re-inforced by cotton to avoid comb,  knife or wllet to push trough, leather patch made by TANNER GGODS of Portland,  Or.
_ “yoke-over-panel” construction for better fit and easier reach of back pockets.
_ TELLASON produced the FILSON Jeans and some stuff for A CONTINOUS LEAN
pics & vid | TELLASON