i think this boot is one of the most exciting work boots i own: 2 colored with a touch of the 30s and 40s but so strong and heavy for what WHITE’S BOOTS are known for. but at the same time so smooth because of the used leathers. the color combination of smooth light brown water buffalo and dark brown french calf is so beautiful and extraordinary. my feet never, really never, get hurt by a WHITE’S BOOT when wearing the first times. i remember me ordering the first time a WHITE’S and i just ordered the size i knew from other work boots i wore at this time and the choice was perfect. often i read that WHITE’S fit larger – i can’t say that. i have absolutely the same size in WHITE’S as in f.ex. RWS, DANNER, YUKETEN and ALDEN boots. but i must say WHITE’S are the most comfortable ones, but at the same time weighing most.

date of buying | new autumn 2010 
size | 9.5 D
height | 6 inch
leather | light brown water buffalo + dark brown french calf
leather liner | cream
pull loop | no
hardware | antique eyelets & hooks
laces | nylon
sole | vibram #700
half slip | yes
heel base | curve
heel height | standard
mid sole | standard, leather, brown
toe design | plain toe
insole | leather with cushioned footbed
welt | leather welt
steel toe | NO
category | classic work boot
made in USA pics | LTG

One Comment

  1. I have this model with brown water buffalo back and buffalo hide toes and vamps in 10E (good fit). I wear 10 1/2 E in Allen edmonds Waltons.


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