TATORT” is cult in germany. since decades every sunday at 20:15 after TAGESSCHAU a new episode of this crime TV series is coming up. only in summer there is a break and ARD shows us replays from the last years. last sunday this break was over and they showed us the second episode with commissars FLÜCKIGER alias STEFAN GUBSER and LIZ RITSCHARD alias DELIA MAYER. today 20 – yes, TWENTY – different cops and teams clear up every sunday in 20 different locations and cities criminal cases. but no one of them was wearing RED WINGS before. cop FLÜCKIGER does it last sunday. a brand new #8131. it was unusual but cool to see these boots 90 minutes walking and running on the screen. i am really curios about the fact if the RED WINGS were chosen by STEFAN GUBSER himself or his film team. you can watch the complete TATORT “HANDLAGE MIT AUSSICHT” with FLÜCKINGER @ below you can see my vintage 8131

ps: ROGER from VMC told me that they’ve dressed FLÜCKIGER. damn, and i thought about asking ROGER if they have something to do with the equipment of the TATORT crew – i should have done so. pics | ARD, LTG

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