nearly on this day in three weeks on the 20th of october berlin based BURG & SCHILD will celebrate their 5th anniversary. KAY, SHANE and the shop staff did something really special for this celebration day: they created four exclusive and strictly limited articles in collaboration with EDWIN, STETSON INDIGOFERRA and RED WING SHOES – THE BLACK COLLECTION. respect – i like those activities! this shows me the passion and respect for the products the people have running a store like BURG & SCHILD. especially the BLACK LOGGER #2007 is a big thing for me and i think for the B&S guys it is the highlight of the BLACK COLLECTION. at this moment the boot is a top secret. so i just can show you an illustration how this black beauty will look a like. below you see a classic black RWS logger from the 70ies. beside some other facts: strictly limited to 99 pairs (sorry, 100, but i reserved one for LIFE TIME GEAR), made of black star leather with matt finished gold hardware, a RWS neoprene cord sole you know from the 2268 engineer and a 8″ height like iconic  #899. the base of the look was a boot KAY found on a flea market near joshua tree some time ago. RWS gave the shoe the style number #2007, the founding year of BURG & SCHILD. in german we say “großes kino”. exciting! the boot will be launched at the anniversary date on 20th of october 2012. pics | Burg & Schild, Berlin; LOST&FOUND

this is a vintage lineman RED WING boot from the 1970s. style #699. maybe the #2007 will have a similar character. very nice. not for pussies …

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