A few days ago I got an envelope addressed by ONDURA. ONDURA? I heard about but where? And while opening i got an idea: i know it from the BURG & SCHILD blog. Yes, ONDURA DURABLE GOODS is the Label behind German LEENS JAN ONDRA. He has an interesting story and I am really happy, that he send me this great sunglass case to check it … and for sure for me it is an honor to write something about it. The case from the “Black Bear”-Edition has a great touch, made of 3 mm high quality vegetable leather. It is hand sewn and the “nose” is made from European beech wood. Because I also wear optical glasses I know what a good glass case makes a good one: and this one is a perfect one. The functionality is impressing even when I put my fat framed glasses to it. It is always easy to close the case, nothing is to tight, to bulky. Next time I will order the another one – I think a tan one. And for sure everything is made by hand here in Germany. Sustainability is really important for LEENS. The leather he uses is from a small tannery just around the corner and all the other needed stuff is from the region he lives. His motto is “Local Goods – Think global buy local.” Authenticity and durability are a matter of course to the products he creates and produces. The product range is growing constant. Please hheck his site for more information about this creative craftman and his work. pics sunglass case | LTG // others pics | © ONDURA


he guys, hope you have had a good start into 2015! showing this wonderful JACK/KNIFE jacket is a great start for LIFE TIME GEAR blog into this new year. there are 2 different models. i will start with the “COTTON TWILL & INDIGO TWEED” reversible version. as all J/K products these jackets are highly limited. i even don’t know if they are sold completely right now. the reversible COTTON TWILL & INDIGO TWEED jacket is made of hemp and wool blend indigo speckled tweed, woven in England, and 10oz khaki twill woven in USA. the authentic natural wood buttons are hand carved. about the construction: both sides have an everlasting 3 pocket design, single needle detail work on pockets include tack reinforcement, high stitch count and 100% lockstitch construction throughout. for sure the jackets are designed, patterned, cut and sewn at the JACK/KNIFE studio in california, usa. tomorrow i will show you the “DENIM & WOOL” reversible jacket. the jackets are exclusively available at the following stores – no online sales:
VMC / Zürich
Burg u Schild / Berlin
Vater u Sohn / Hamburg
The Lowdown on Denim / Wien
B74 / Frankfurt
Sfaar/ Tallinn
pics // LTG & JACK/KNIFE


guys, it’s time to hurry up because these f***ing nice vests are now available in strictly limited numbers in just a few stores. what an awesome stuff – and everything is made by hand: designed, patterned, cut & sewn at the JACK/KNIFE workshop in SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA. the duck canvas comes from MOUNT VERNON MILLS in georgia, YKK copper burr and washer rivets with oxidized double pronged donut hole buttons – everything sourced in USA. 100% single-needle lockstitch construction, cotton twill wrapped seams for reinforcement. thx KAMI that you bring us this phantastic and special rare stuff to europe with B74 SELECTED GOODS DISTRIBUTION. the list of the stores where you can get the vests is short. ATTENTION – no online sales:
VMC / Zürich
Burg u Schild / Berlin
Vater u Sohn / Hamburg
The Lowdown on Denim / Wien
B74 / Frankfurt
Sfaar/ Tallinn
i am really happy to own both of these unique pieces. there are some limited reversible jackets too, i will post later. have a merry xmas guys. pics | LTG 


berlin based mens outfitter Burg & Schild and swedish denim brand INDIGOFERA did a collab. the idea behind this, is so simple as perfect: what do you really need for a bike trip? yes: a pair of jeans, a hoodie, a vest and a blanket. this is what they did. check the amazing film where the boys bring these iconic items to the streets in sweden. vid | Burg & Schild // Indigofera

Iconic Items – On the Road in Sweden from Burg & Schild on Vimeo.


yes, and these are the others … some of them. f.ex. the JOHNSON MOTORS bandana i own in all color ways you can get: red, dark blue and black. the art work is always the same – and i love this trio a lot, but i don’t want to bore you. another very special bandana for me is the BURG & SCHILD 5th anniversary one  – a collaboration between B&S and INDIGOFERA … nice look and special because of its meaning. pics | LTG

FAT BOY CLOTHING | one of my most beloved bandanas … actual 2014 collection available @
… and: i love anchor …

Unknown label  | just brought it away from a holiday at german  NORTH SEA | 10,00 € … love it and little LEVI, too!

JOHNSON MOTORS | another favorite! this is the blue black version. awesome graphics … own this in dark black and pure red, too.


label unknown | so colorful, so nice, made in the USA


STETSON | a classic one … so simple … so nice

BURG & SCHILD 5th anniversary collab with INDIGOFERA | … something special



okay it is 4 weeks ago that the BURG & SCHILD webshop went online. but it is like it is: less time for me to do the blog posts i wanted before and after christmas because of heavy working. so here we go. searching for a MA-1 jacket from BUZZ RICKSON or REAL McCOY’s i stopped at the new B&S shop, which is really succeed. well done and perfect fitting for the brands and the guys behind BURG & SCHILD. with a rocking and biking attitude, no fashion and pussy affection. straight graphics and wonderful detailed pics f.ex. of this great MA-1 20 years anniversay BR jacket. very nice the small category drawings grey on black – like them very much! SHANE: compliment – you and your guys, your online and graphic team did a very good job. and now take a look at the jacket. isn’t it great? pics | BURG & SCHILD


i love my wallets from TANNER GOODS. so i needed these in black and oxblood. as you see in the pics below the oxblood colored is my favorit. i own it now for a year and since i got it, i wore it nearly everyday. just changed sometimes to the black one or the TANNER GOODS card holder. the wallets are made of 3.5 oz HORWEEN CHROMEXCEL, feature four cards slots in which you can put easily more than just one card, two interior pockets for cash and receipts, one zippered coin pocket, which i do not use because of avoiding my cards crashing. each wallet is burnished, dyed, waxed and stamped with the TANNER GOODS signature maker’s mark by hand. the oxblood wallet i usually combine with the original LONG TETHER and sometimes with a lanyard from PETER FIELDS. the black one i combine with an OBBI GOOD LABEL wallet chain i got from BURG & SCHILD. AMTRAQ does the distribution for TANNER GOODS in germany, austria, switzerland, netherlands and belgium. please check this link where to get this perfect wallets: AMTRAQ stockists. pics | LTG


because of not being in berlin to join the 5th anniversary party of BURG & SCHILD i saved a lot of traveling money and so i ordered some anniversary stuff to celebrate this party with KAY, SHANE and TIM from out of my hometown. this mega black piece of denim is the second part of my order and i am really impressed about this. i never saw such a black denim before. the pockets are black twill and internally printed. with its 14oz. black/black red listed selvage denim from japanese mill, kaihara, it is very comfortable. and it has a lot of awesome details like the donut buttons, made from copper metal and hand panited with black enamel, or BURG & SCHILD leather patch that has been hand cut and hand embossed. i got number 44 of 100 limited pieces, numbered by hand – fifty pieces, 10 for each year B&S had been working with EDWIN. great idea and nice extra: every jeans comes in hand made tote bag made of recycled military ground sheets. everything is perfect, absolute … pics | LTG


he guys very well done!

SHANE and KAY stay tuned for the next 5 years and many more! 
i am still sad that i couldn’t join your party last saturday – saw the pics on facebook. 
looking great – as i expected.

now for me the circle with BURG & SCHILD is closed. after opening the shop in 2007 i did a story about B&S in germanys r’n’r magazine #1 DYNAMITE in spring 2008. i worked for the mag amongst others as the art director and one of the editors at this time. i met KAY at an event at B-74 and we talked about B&S – it was amazing. i went to the store for the first time in january 2009 when i joined the second floor show at 14oz. this year i joined the BEER, BIKES AND BURGER party and it was like meeting old friends although i saw SHANE & KAY the third time. now i got the 5th anniversary B&S boot the black ltd. RED WING LOGGER #2007. so the first circle is closed and we opened a second one … 
more details about the boot and some other 5th anniversary stuff next week.

and beside, this was LIFE TIME GEAR’s 1001 post. i forgot to do an anniversary post, … but in this case, i think it doesn’t matter. pics | LTG


the scribble was super, but the original looks even better than that. what a nice black logger boot this RWS #2007 designed by BURG & SCHILD and made for them by RED WING SHOES. for more information about the collaboration and the 5 year anniversary of BURG & SCHILD check my blog post from the 28th of september and the RED WING HERITAGE site. pics | Red Wing Heritage Europe, Burg & Schild