at the beginning of november 2012 i met MARIA c/o FEINSCHMUCK and ALEXANDER c/o because blog with UWE from AMTRAQ. MARIA & ALEX gave me a present – the best they could give me as great POPEYE fan from childhood on: an awesome POPEYE TALISMAN made by FEINSCHMUCK. it was so hard not to post this beautiful piece the last weeks because the product launch will be next week at BREAD & BUTTER in berlin at the AMTRAQ stall – but UWE gave me the GO for today. by the way: thanks again so much MARIA & ALEX for this LIFE TIME GEAR. i wear POPEYE nearly every day. beside this medallion FEINSCHMUCK did some other stuff which will be distributed by AMTRAQ. one highlight is the POPEYE BELT. the result of a collaboration between FEINSCHMUCK & TANNER GOODS. check out the other stuff below: vintage western buckles, popeye belt buckles and medallions in different looks and a mega beautifull heavy anchor. all FEINSCHMUCK bronze objects are locally manufactured by a small team in bavaria, germany. i am really excited about the feedback at B&B. pics | LTG &  AMTRAQ

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