as you know i am a great fan of PORTLAND GENERAL STORE’S WHISKEY fragrance. long before i discovered this one i took strong frankincense fragrances from COMME DE GARCONS INCENSE SERIES 3 and MONOCLE. there is another one i won’t explain – a kind of secret. but this week i discovered RUNDHOLZ PARFUMS – 03. APR. 1968 at great AUS LIEBE ZUM DUFT store. the “first in fragrance” in germany maybe in europe. just a short description for more check the AUS LIEBE ZUM DUFT SITE: “Incense, its scent is mystical considered as divine in Japan whole ceremonies are dedicated to it, in the Orient it started the art of perfumery and it was also the beginning of Lenka Rundholz’ vision, to create a unique fragrance …”  the fragrance composition: topnote – Lychee, heartnote – Heliotrope, basenote – Frankincense. the FRANKINCENSE note is so heavy that you have to be careful in use. sensational! i love this mystical heavy smell. pics | LTG

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