what a great idea and what a perfect look. i can’t tell you if the sound is really so good as “koostik” describes. so what i like this to all iPhones compatible unplugged amplifier. this is what koostik says about their model ORIGINAL: “The Original Koostik is the result of a year of product evolutionary design and refinement. It is our first passive solid wood acoustic amplifier for iPhone and this now iconic design is in daily use in over 30 countries! By combining two hemispherical sound amplification chambers with carefully designed sound channels it achieves natural energy free amplification of between 10 and 20 decibels. This means an increase of 2 to 4 times the volume! Please note that due to it’s unique design,  the Original does not allow for the connection of your charger while in use with your iPhone. It is a totally “unplugged” amplifier! … Koostik is dedicated to making well designed and finely crafted wood accessories primarily for Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices. All of our products are designed and made by hand in America … Each piece is designed and carefully hand crafted to create objects of elegance,  natural beauty,  and amazing function …” beside the “ORIGINAL” there are other styles i don’t like so much. check yourself: www.koostik.com  pics | koostik

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