Today I went to Maruhn “The World of Beverages”, one of the best sorted shops in Germany! The last months I collected a lot of beverage boxes in the basement of special craft beers, exotic soft drinks etc that I just could give back directly to Maruhn – complicated because of driving some kilometers, but pure money. So I got nearly 30 € back and I did not want to take another new box with me. So I decided to check Maruhn’s Gin rack. Damn … !!! I don’t know how many different sorts of Gin Maruhn offers, but believe me: nearly uncountable. And the best is, that you find really exotic sorts and labels beside all these nowadays hipster Gins like Monkey 47, Ferdinand’s etc. So I discovered GIN SIEBEN. When you live in Hessen, Germany, you know what “Grüne Soße” or as the Frankfurt citizens say “Grie Soß” is. You don’t know? “In Germany green sauce is known as Frankfurter Grüne Soße. It is a traditional dish in Frankfurt and Hessen. The cold herb sauce consists of sour cream, boiled eggs, spices, and of course, herbs.  Rumours and heated discussions about the origins of the Frankfurter Grüne Soße, as well as what is considered the authentic recipe, circulate about this famous german food.” (by Germany Insider Facts). GIN SIEBEN is made of the obligatory juniper but combined with the typical “Grüne Soße” botanicals like borage – great taste! –, chervil, peppergrass, parsley, burnet, garden sorrel and chive. What a wonderful taste, not so extreme fruity but really pleasant extraordinary but smooth – I am excited. All seven herbs come from Oberrad, a part of the Frankfurt City, the of the herbs is inspired by Frankfurt’s “Grie Soß”, the basic alcohol is from a distillery near Frankfurt, the grain for this also, the same with the water: a “Frankfurt Original”. Check the GIN SIEBEN Website for ordering or ask your Gin dealer. pics | LTG || graphics | GIN SIEBEN


By cleaning up my boot closet I found this black beauty. Damn, this boot is so nice but my wife didn’t wear it for a long time and will not wear it anymore. This is not her boot style – she prefers the RWS Moc Toes and Chelseas. I bought this rare piece from RED WING SHOES in 2005 at Red WING SHOES Frankfurt, Germany. The model number is #850. They produced just a very small and limited run of these for the 100th birthday of RWS, I think to remember. Now I must give it away because I need more space for other boots I got the last time for my collection. Tomorrow I will give the boot to KAMI, owner of Red Wing Store Frankfurt, and we will show it @ the B74 Vintage Sale on Saturday 14th. Maybe I will sell it or Kami will take it to his magic archive. We will see … I can’t calm down seeing this boot for the first time again after some years: what an awesome boot! And it is a really good and original Replica compared to the picture of the “ORIGINAL BOOT” from 1905. The original work boot first year featured leather, buckles and laces for a secure fit. The Replica has a Zipper inside because closing all these buckles needs a lot of energy and patience. photos | LTG || historical pictures | @Red Wing Heritage


It starts with checking Zace D. Myers Facebook profile seeing these wonderful boots the first time. Zace is the founder and owner of the denim brand ZACE USA. He introduced the return of this classic hiking boots – for sure – Made in USA. Seeing the boots more and more I had to take a more closely look and after speaking to my buddy Felix  I ordered a pair. And men, these are the most comfortable boots I ever wore and believe me, I have had a lot of different boots on my feet till today. Yesterday I went to a client shooting on location. 10 hours nonstop on my feet in the forest. Jumping around and doing art direction … nothing hurts, no tired feet. The boots are really tough but amazing light weighted. I am really excited about my 8″ Rockies. The boot is made of a full-grain leather using a Goodyear@ welt construction fitted with an oil and slip resisting Vibram® rubber outsole – the boot can be resoled for sure. Inside there is a Terra Suspension Footbed which is removable and tough enough to give a lot of comfort as I just can confirm because of yesterday. The footbed has an arch and heel designed for tremendous support and comfort. A double-ribbed, tempered steel shank provides additional arch support and foot stability. There are a lot of parts which are triple stitched! About the toe. “Oblique is a design term, referring to the shape of the boots, Oblique toe boots are designed to follow the shape of a foot and offer extra room for your big toe”. The boots are crafted in Wynne, Arkansas, and the Rocky Original Oblique-Toe Boots feature complete American Materials from the Vibram@ Sole which is made in Massachusetts, over the laces which come from Portsmouth, Ohio, to the leather. A true and honest product Made in USA. And take a look at the nice box and so special and great: the ZACE USA denim boot sacs. Damn, what a surprise when I opened the box. I love this boots. Contact Zace and send him a PN to get your pair. pics | LTG


Just got a newsletter from PEGGS & SON. They offer a really well done exact reproduction of the original jacket ROBERT DE NIRO wore in Michael  Cimino’s THE DEER HUNTER. One of my most beloved films! The original manufacturer HOLUBAR did the iconic jacket for P&S. The DEER HUNTER jacket is world exclusive available at P&S. Great idea! Peggs & Son: “… Staying faithful to the original in every way, it features four external pockets, one on the reverse, large adjustable hood and a water resistant outer in that instantly recognisable orange colourway. Completing matters is Holubar and Peggs & son dual branding on the inner label. An incredibly rare jacket, exclusive to us with the kind of cultural heritage that very few other garments can achieve.” pics | Peggs & son


nice: CPT. HADDOCKS sweater. found this incredible piece this morning at relaunched swedish SIVLETTO online shop. it is made of 100% cotton by swedish JUMPER FABRIKEN: best quality. it looks so nice and comfy. i think, a good and extraordinary choice for this fall and winter and especcially for TIM & STRUPPI, pardon, TINTIN fans. pics // SIVLETTO // ehapa


okay it is 4 weeks ago that the BURG & SCHILD webshop went online. but it is like it is: less time for me to do the blog posts i wanted before and after christmas because of heavy working. so here we go. searching for a MA-1 jacket from BUZZ RICKSON or REAL McCOY’s i stopped at the new B&S shop, which is really succeed. well done and perfect fitting for the brands and the guys behind BURG & SCHILD. with a rocking and biking attitude, no fashion and pussy affection. straight graphics and wonderful detailed pics f.ex. of this great MA-1 20 years anniversay BR jacket. very nice the small category drawings grey on black – like them very much! SHANE: compliment – you and your guys, your online and graphic team did a very good job. and now take a look at the jacket. isn’t it great? pics | BURG & SCHILD


what a great idea and what a perfect look. i can’t tell you if the sound is really so good as “koostik” describes. so what i like this to all iPhones compatible unplugged amplifier. this is what koostik says about their model ORIGINAL: “The Original Koostik is the result of a year of product evolutionary design and refinement. It is our first passive solid wood acoustic amplifier for iPhone and this now iconic design is in daily use in over 30 countries! By combining two hemispherical sound amplification chambers with carefully designed sound channels it achieves natural energy free amplification of between 10 and 20 decibels. This means an increase of 2 to 4 times the volume! Please note that due to it’s unique design,  the Original does not allow for the connection of your charger while in use with your iPhone. It is a totally “unplugged” amplifier! … Koostik is dedicated to making well designed and finely crafted wood accessories primarily for Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices. All of our products are designed and made by hand in America … Each piece is designed and carefully hand crafted to create objects of elegance,  natural beauty,  and amazing function …” beside the “ORIGINAL” there are other styles i don’t like so much. check yourself:  pics | koostik