these are from the days when i was smoking frequently my beloved GITANES. found the lighters when cleaning up my office last weekend. nowadays i smoke just at special occasions, f.ex. when sitting together with good friends, drinking some beer or good wine – and this happens sadly really rare. but the ZIPPO lighters i won’t give away, because they accompanied me such a long time, everyday over too much years. very special is the RED WING SHOES zippo. this one gave me GABOR MAGYAR from RWS HERITAGE EUROPE offhanded as a present, when we were smoking a cigaret and i told him how nice his zippo was … and the BETTIE PAGE ZIPPO is although really great as an collectors item. i remember me, that it isn’t available anymore, anywhere. it’s from the year 2000 > BETTIE PAGE ZIPPO® LIGHTER SERIES II #1: BLACK BETTIE. pics | LTG

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