today i got my new CIGAR LIGHTER by DUPONT, PARIS – in bright orange what else?! now when the evenings get warmer there is nothing better than smoking a cigar and drinking a glass of wine while reading the newspaper on the fresh renovated roof-deck over the tops of DARMSTADT city. so i decided to replace the matches by a contemporary lighter. nice to find a DUPONT for an acceptable price. this one is my third DUPONT. my first, the silver one, i got from my parents when i got eighteen … well, long time ago. the second i bought about 15 years ago: a vintage line 2 gold combined with “LAQUE DE CHINE” which is really rare to find and so got really expensive now. it is a pity that both vintage lighter don’t work anymore. they lose gas in between hours and i brought them 2 times to the service but they could not solve the problem. so i am just happy to hear the unique smart snap sound when opening and closing these 2 DUPONTS. if you compare the sounds of a ZIPPO to DUPONT it is like comparing a CATERPILLAR to a CITROEN DS. pics | LTG


as a great POPEYE fan i own my talisman from FEINSCHMUCK since they’ve done the first pieces one year ago. beside the talisman, FEINSCHMUCK does a POPEYE BELT BUCKLE and different POPEYE ZIPPOS. all pieces are manufactured by hand by the small FEINSCHMUCK team in bavaria, germany. these pieces are made of bronze and you can get it with patina or without. in germany you find this great stuff at PETER FIELDS, berlin, and B-74 in frankfurt, main. pics | Alexander v. Bronewski | LTG




  LTG’s POPEYE TALISMAN, after 13 month of wear


these are from the days when i was smoking frequently my beloved GITANES. found the lighters when cleaning up my office last weekend. nowadays i smoke just at special occasions, f.ex. when sitting together with good friends, drinking some beer or good wine – and this happens sadly really rare. but the ZIPPO lighters i won’t give away, because they accompanied me such a long time, everyday over too much years. very special is the RED WING SHOES zippo. this one gave me GABOR MAGYAR from RWS HERITAGE EUROPE offhanded as a present, when we were smoking a cigaret and i told him how nice his zippo was … and the BETTIE PAGE ZIPPO is although really great as an collectors item. i remember me, that it isn’t available anymore, anywhere. it’s from the year 2000 > BETTIE PAGE ZIPPO® LIGHTER SERIES II #1: BLACK BETTIE. pics | LTG


damn, it’s “just” a replica but it looks really authentic. for sure, just watching the photos you can think this ZIPPO lighter is about 70 years old. ZIPPO made this very well done replica especially for japanese high end streetwear brand NEIGHBORHOOD. features: 100% brass construction, NEIGHBORHOOD anchor decal, printed detailing, Individually distressed detailing, comes in individual presentation case, extremely limited numbers, made in the USA. available @ great endclothing, UK. a must-have! looking at this awesome lighter i think it’s time to start smoking again … f*** – this was just a joke! pics | endclothing