Hi Guys, got some great shots from the East Harbour Surplus’ Collection upcoming Fall Winter 2019. East Harbour Surplus stands for vintage military work wear and Italian tailor’s craftsmanship using beautifully refined Italian fabrics. The Korea based label was founded in 2008 by Taemin Han and Fabrizio Vanni. The stuff is perfect for men who want to combine a formal look with a natural heritage twist. For stockists check Amtraq Distribution.
Photos | East Harbour Surplus | Amtraq

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Hi folks, I hope you have had a relaxed Xmas time … or still have. As you know, the most beautiful presents are often the one you give to yourself. So I did for my boot collection: a Red Wing Boot style #956 in very good shape. Hard to find, hard to get. Shot these on a Japanese auction on Christmas eve – what a luck. I gave a fixed price and I did it. I love these simple style so much; must be from the late 80s or early 90s. They are now on their way to the LTG central.
pics | Seller Auction


Red Wings 2966 ENGINEER is a Red Wing Store special. Red Wing Frankfurt just got some pairs left. It is a non-steel toe transformation of style 968. It is just perfect for the upcoming biker season. Made of Black Klondike leather, which is made from a brown base crust with a black paint finish that gradually wears off to reveal the brown color underneath. It ages beautifully and creates a great vintage look. Here some more special features: The boots have the Wing Label on the inside of the shaft which was used till early 80s | The 2966 has the stamp on the shaft instead of the print on the label. This was how the product information was shown in the Red Wing products till 2003 | The buckle 2966 is a high quality pressed buckle that was used on the steel toe work Engineer till 2000 | 2966 has the RED WING text logo printed on the Right shaft of the boots | The bare back stitch is used and the strap to hold it correctly in place | Brown Base box with Red Wing Label on the Box side is a box style from 1970s. Get your #2966 in-store or at www.redwingfrankfurt.com pics | LTG & Red Wing Heritage



One of my absolute Red Wing favorites is the iconic Moc Toe style #8131. Before handing out my brother his new oro-russet Moc Toe, I had to take some shots – I like the contrast so much. Maybe you wanna check out the “vintage versus new” photos. My rugged boot is from the 90s and when you check the pictures you can’t find many differences compared to the actual #8131. Obviously there is an embossed Red Wing Shoes logo on the outsides of the vintage #8131, while the new boot features the characteristic label at the tongue with a lot of information about the boot. All Red Wing Boots and Shoes have this label since years. The inseams of the heels are a bit different. That’s all. Never change a working system or a good working product! Thanks to the guys from Red Wing, Minnesota! Come and get your #8131 at the oldest Red Wing Shoe Store outside the USA in Frankfurt, est. 1977, in store or online www.redwingfrankfurt.com. pics | LTG


He guys, it is OLYMPIA time. I own an official USA TEAM outfitter track jacket from 2004. Damn, time is running. I did a trip to California in 2004 and stopped by in Los Angeles. At the same time the Olympic Games took place in Athens – historic! As it was just a few days ago, I know exactly the look of the shop where I bought this jacket – but I am sorry, that I can’t remember the name and location of the shop. I think it was a “ROOT” flag ship store, but I am not sure. I love the states from being a child on and when I saw this track jacket, it was a “Must-Buy”. No wonder, that I liked the look and the well-done details even nowadays. Okay, today wondering about the fact, that this jacket was not MADE IN USA … but what a pleasure, it was made in Canada by ROOTS – and not somewhere cheap in Asia – I think you know the discussion about the TRUMP cap Made in China “Make America great again” – what a f***ing bad joke. This USA TEAM track jacket stands out for its excellent quality – right now after 12 years. “Roots went on to be the official outfitter for members of the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Teams from 2000 to 2004, and was the official outfitter for the Canadian Speed Skating Team in 2006. Roots outfitted the United States Olympic and Paralympic Teams in 2002, 2004, and 2006. Other teams that Roots outfitted include the British Olympic Team (2002, 2004), and the Barbados Olympic Team (2004).” I wear this jacket often, when I go to the gym and I feel the looks on it – this jacket is extraordinary here in Germany. Red, white and blue worn with proud by a black, red and gold one … ! pics | LTG | © Getty Images


B74, European distributor of JOHNSON MOTORS INC., got a lot of new mens tee styles. Here you’ll find just a few of these great motives printed on different colored shirts. Made of 100% ringspun slub cotton, in our traditional slim fit with the Johnson Motors signature self rib and suture stitch. The guys from JoMo knit their own yarn that they cut, sew, dye, print and hand finish in the city of Los Angeles. All graphic art is hand drawn. T-shirts are garment dyed and pre-shrunk. My absolute favorite is style LAST MILE, the “CALIFORNIA DREAMING” helmet skull – the natural white one. The JOMO bandana is now available in four different colors: red, olive, navy and black. The colors are more intensive than in the past – cool! Check your local JoMo dealer for the new styles or contact KAMI, owner of B74, via mail at info@b-74.de or give him a direct call from MO to FR, 11:00 till 19:00, fon +49 69 293329 or Facebook pics | LTG | JoMo


Something special today. Please excuse the “non-perfect” pics but I did not make these myself. My boot buddy from Facebook’s BootOC – Boot Owners Club – HOUTY send me this from his new unworn dead stock post World War II boots. Aren’t these wonderful? Best condition. He bought the boots in Amsterdam for – in German we  say: “Apfel und ein Ei” – …  an apple and an egg … what means very cheap.  Houty wrote me that the  boots are built as robust as the vintage German tank TIGER – and indeed, they look damn tight. The boots must be made in the early fifties; before this time German military boots had no laces: mybe you know the famous “Knobelbecher”. I think they are about 6″ high, have a massive profiled nailed VORWERK sole, leather insole, 6 eyelets and a metal shank at the toe. Houty put the laces of his vintage Red Wing’s Beckman to it. Best look – great deal! If you have some questions concerning to the boots, please feel free to contact Houty. pics | HOUTY



Dear LIFE-TIME-GEAR followers, I wish you some wonderful exciting but relaxing days off with your family and friends for Christmas. Peace on earth to everyone!!! There is so much f***ing shit happening on earth while we sit down with our beloved ones – I hope you appreciate this. Have fun with this nice so innocent looking ads. Take care! Merry Christmas! pics | from around the net


Today another very nice present with a serious background. When I bought my whistle in 2010 – dman, time is running – I was really excited about the idea behind the project FALLING WHISTLES and I am still doing. I was so shocked reading about the story the first time … for sure I knew that there were child soldiers, but I did not know about this whistle thing …  So it is a must for me to show you these nice and well done pieces for peace and I hope so much that you take a moment to check the website of FALLING WHISTLES and read about their story and work – please do so! Thank you so much!! Here is what’s about FW in their own words – a very short version: “In the Winter of 2008 a young man walked into the Democratic Republic of Congo. Five escaped child-soldiers told him that boys too small to carry a gun were being sent to the front lines, armed with only a whistle. Since that day a coalition of young and old, rich and poor, have fought – side by side – toward a dream most would call impossible. PEACE in CONGO Make their weapon YOUR voice, Be a WHISTLE-BLOWER for PEACE!Again, please read the whole story!

There are 4 different sorts and 2 sizes of whistles: Chrome, Gun Metal, Vintage Gold and Black. I am really proud to own a FW of the first generation. My gun metal whistle has number 046! I use a massive anchor chain by PATRIK MUFF that correspondents perfect to the gun metal whistle. All orders are shipped out from Sweden, so that European future whistler-blower can get their FW just in time before Christmas. It is great to buy such an awesome tag and at the same time to support the  peace project in Congo. BE A WHISTLE-BLOWER FOR PEACE! pics | LTG and FW