there is not much to say about this comb: it is just PERFECT!!! i never possessed such a nice comb which i got from POMADE SHOP here in germany. it is medium long, made of KENTUCKY steel, processed in INDIANA, and finally laser cut and hand polished in CHICAGO: so 100% made in the usa. Matt brushed, satin finished, 5.5 inch long (14 cm) and 1.18 inch high (3 cm) and has 41 teeth, unbreakable and inflexible, perfect to handle. for sure it is resistant to pomades, hair tonics and easy to clean with hot water. this thing from the CHICAGO COMB CO. is a really MUST-TAKE-WITH-YOU-OBJECT. in german we say “this is a HAND SCHMEICHLER” – what means that you have to touch it all the time … pics | LTG

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