damn, this is really cool, isn’t it? this driving refrigerator CHEVY truck was weighting 6.8 tons. it was made by 76 old JULIAN, an ice artist who is working around the world for example president and actor parties in dubai, thailand, new zealand or india. he is making lounges and bars of ice. but building an ice truck was the first time for the man out of HENSALL, a very small village in ONTARIO, canada. the truck was build for a TV-SPOT for car components, in this case especcially for batteries. the motto was “TESTED FOR LIFE IN CANADA”. beside, with a drive on the highway they wanted to get an entry in the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS. not so easy, imagine that when the 8 cylinder big block runs it gets really hot in the motor compartment. so they had to cool this section massiv down while running the engine. the CHEVY had to drive at least 1,5 kilometers with more than 20 km/h to get the entry in the book. a special stuntman drove the CHEVY about 4 kilometers with the needed speed at the 12th of december 2013. after 40 hours melting there was just the engine and the chassis left. what a project … pics | iceculture

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