okay it is 4 weeks ago that the BURG & SCHILD webshop went online. but it is like it is: less time for me to do the blog posts i wanted before and after christmas because of heavy working. so here we go. searching for a MA-1 jacket from BUZZ RICKSON or REAL McCOY’s i stopped at the new B&S shop, which is really succeed. well done and perfect fitting for the brands and the guys behind BURG & SCHILD. with a rocking and biking attitude, no fashion and pussy affection. straight graphics and wonderful detailed pics f.ex. of this great MA-1 20 years anniversay BR jacket. very nice the small category drawings grey on black – like them very much! SHANE: compliment – you and your guys, your online and graphic team did a very good job. and now take a look at the jacket. isn’t it great? pics | BURG & SCHILD

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