And here it is: my absolute all-time favorite car: a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro 350 SS. And this black beauty is parked near Salzburg, Austria. It is for Sale at “BIDaCLASSIC” and features everything a Camaro aficionado heart beats for. The Cam was Frame-Off restored in 2014 and comes from Florida. A valuation from 2016 mounts up to about 66.000 Euros – wow … but kilometer reading after the restoration is just about 1.700 km and everything works perfect. And the optic of this Cam is so fuckin’ awesome – a dream in black. For details please check BIDaCLASSIC‘s site.
© Photos: bidaclassics

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As a constant reader of Life Time Gear blog you must know that I am a great Camaro aficionado. Today I found this nice 1967 Pace Car Tribute. 1967 … it’s my year of birth and I dream to own a Camaro built in this year. This one is in such perfect restored condition. And believe me, I am not a fan of convertibles, but this Cam is so  f***in nice! It is offered by John Scotti, Montreal, Canada. About 88.000 Canadian dollars and it will be yours … for more information contact: www.johnscotti.com © Photos: John Scotti

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Hi guys, first of all, I hope you start 2017 well! I will start this year with one of my most favorit topics: CHEVY CAMARO. Found this crazy concept just some days ago at “superchevy.com”. How does Keith Kaucher write to the point: “How many poor souls have lost their prized Camaro because of a new arrival to the family? Admittedly, the Camaro has never been at the top of the list when it comes to a practical family car.” It is the same with me today with my 5th gen. Mostly I drive my orange beast alone, but that’s for sure okay ;-))) So this concept from 2009 could have been the solution for a hybrid between a Camaro and a Sport Wagon. The 68 front is combined by 68 – 72 GM mid-size wagon roof narrowed to fit the F-body.

KAUTCHER CUSTOMS brought this concept to real with a 69′ Camaro. Isn’t it awesome?!

pics | kaucher kustoms + superchevy.com



As a constant reader of LTG blog you might know that I am a great CAMARO fan. My own I drive a 5th gen Cam in „bright orange“ – and I love this car so much from the first day on I got it 4 years ago! The history of the CAMARO started 1966, 2 years later than this mustang was introduced, but with the same concept: “long hood, short deck”. Since this there is a fight between this 2 cars for the domination of this so called “PONY CARS”. In 2017 the CAMARO celebrates its 50th birthday. Check the six generations below … pics | GENERAL MOTORS | Auto Motor Sport

1966 first CAMAROS came to the GM showrooms

1967 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z/28 with a small block 294 PS
1967 CHEVROLET CAMARO RS SS as a pilot series.

1969 CHEVROLET CAMARO ZL1. Number #66 of #69 built in 1969
427 Big Block-V8 with more than 430 PS
Design Graphics: these are the highlights of the CAMARO design
1st gen of CAMARO was from 1966 till 1969

1967 and 1996 the CHEVROLET CAMARO was the Pace-Car at INDY 500

1970 – with the 2nd gen there was a great change in the design
The 2nd gen was the most successful and longest distributed in CAMARO history till today.

1974 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z/28 with Small Block V8 …

5.7 ltr. engine and 250 ps

1970 CAMARO with 380 ps and 562 nm engine torque

1977 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z/28: the technic
1979: 282.571 CAMAROS sold – the climax! 85.000 were the powerful Z/28!

1980 – always a lot of configurations available

1981 – CAMARO on the track as a Pro Stock Race Car
1982 the 3rd gen followed – again with a new design

1987 CHEVROLET did the first CAMARO Convertible since 1969 – called IROC-Z (International Race of Champions Series. The red CAM here is the 1988 model.

1992 was the last year for the 3rd gen modells

With Z28 25th Anniversary the CAMARO celebrates ist 25th birthday

1993 the 4th gen CAMARO was introduced. There wasn’t a rounder CAM before …

The sales volume sank rapide!

The CAMARO had to die. CHEVROLET set the focus on SUVs

2002 the mustang lost its rival.

CAMARO Concept Car @ Detroit Motor Show in 2005

Heritage: The Muscle Car shows Design elements from the early years and quotes the 1stt gen CAMAROS.

2010 CHEVROLET CAMARO Pace Car @ Indy 500

What a comeback: more than 500.000 units where sold!


As a constant reader of LTG blog you must know that I love late 60s and 70s US muscle cars, especially CAMAROS! Myself, I own a CAMARO 5th generation, but my dream is a 67 or 69. Take a look at these three black beauties – damn, one nicer than the other – dreaming for this …

Car aficionado and all-around GM guy Steve Shauger has collected quite a few Chevy pony cars in his day, but he insists the 1969 model is the best. In his search for the greatest Camaros ever built, he has corralled these three stunners, all glazed in Code 10 Tuxedo Black paint. Only 1.7 percent of the Camaros built that year wore that particular code on their flanks, adding to the hue’s rarity.
For technical informations and some history of this three CAMAROS please check this link: www.superchevy.com. all pics | http://www.superchevy.com

 1969 Camaro Z/28 RS

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Copo

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible


As a passionated CAMARO lover I got touched so much by this news. It sounds quite simple what CR SUPERCARS® does, but it is so amazing and much more than just putting some high-tech stuff to an older car. NO – CR SUPERCARS® never loose the responsibility for the classic and heritage look and philosophie of the original they work with: „CR Supercars is a new division of Classic Recreations and is dedicated to building turn-key supercars with styling from classic American muscle cars mated to the latest high-tech engine and chassis components. The result is an incredible pro touring car with desirable lines of the most classic muscle car in history.” Right now they presented their 1969 CAMARO project “CR1” @ SEMA. The look of the blue „recreated“ CAMARO is damn nice but you can choose between 7 colors. My favorite? No discussion: orange. You can upgrade this beast with a LS9 GM Performance to 685 H.P! There are a lot of specs which make your Chevy or Muscle Car heart beat so fast … the price also, but I am sure the money is better invested in a CR1 CAMARO than in so many todays soulless f***ing expensive sportcars which look so similar … pics | www.crsupercars.com


Isn’t that a great looking 67 first-gen CAMARO in this classic GULF Design? A pure looking Race-Car. For all the technical informations and the history of this extraordinary CAMARO please check this: superchevy site … Anger Management … hm, it is an interesting story and this CAMARO wasn’t built like this for the street. Have a nice Sunday! pics | © HOT ROD MAGAZINE | SUPERCHEVY | CAMARO PERFORMERS


Love this Chevy shit. I am a great CAMARO fan and also a driver of an amazing 4th generation orange beast. But beside i rather love nearly all the classic Chevys from the 50s to the late 70s and early 80s. So iI was really surprised that one of my absolute favorites will be produced again: the Chevrolet El Camino. Found this information @ http://newestcars2016.com. They write that 2016 the El Camino will be launched. And this what the Bold Ride site tells about this spectacular launch: “2016 Chevy Camaro’s debut is just around the corner. With it, comes the new lightweight Alpha platform and a host of different engine and power options. Indeed, the next generation Camaro is looking to take on Ford’s Mustang and hoping to squash the rivalry once and for all. But the use of GM’s Alpha platform had us wondering what else Chevy could do with it. It already sits under the ATS, CTS  and upcoming Camaro, but there seems to be endless possibilities for the lighter, more advanced frame. That’s where this El Camino SS concept comes into play. Sent to us on Facebook by way of the Camaro5 forum,  this future look at a new El Camino has us drooling.” The original El Camino was produced between 1959/1960 and then from 1964–1987. Check out the nice vintage folder and brochures below – so nice graphics – what an awesome car! pics | Chevrolet // Folder & brochures collected by Old Car Manual Project










isn’t that truck beautiful? maybe you remember that i did a post about ICON’s FORD BRONCO? the THRIFTMASTER was released november 2013 at SEMA. in 2014 los angeles based ICON will only build 5 ultimate THIRFTMASTER pick ups. each truck will be signed and sequentially numbered – for a pricing range from $220,000 to 250.000. in the future there will be a wider range of this beautiful remade truck. here some facts about the THIRFTMASTER: “This first, “Ultimate Edition” ICON Thriftmaster, comes in your choice of body color (matte or gloss finish), with your choice of manual or automatic transmission, naturally aspirated or with an intercooled supercharger. Otherwise, it comes one way… loaded. Standard equipment includes four wheel disc brakes, A/C, PW, PDL, Wi-Fi Hot Spot, Web-enabled Kenwood and Audison digital audio, NAV, tilt column, copious insulation, Bison hide seating, Wilton wool carpet, Alcantara headliner, smoked glass, and innovative brushed nickel plated trim with aircraft ceramic clear coat … Never before has a classic pick up managed such comfort and handling. With approximately 315 horsepower, which can be upgrated to 435HP, 5.3 Ltr. V8, there is plenty of power on hand. With Wilwood oversized disc brakes at all four corners, 60-0 is equally impressive. The Platform specific Art Morrison chassis is unparalleled in its balance and handling characteristics … (press release autoblog.com). damn, what a unique truck … with a unique price for sure. it is with all the things ICONS does like the JEEP CJ, the TOYOTAs FJ and the BRONCO. can’t stop staring at it … all pics | © ICON


damn, this is really cool, isn’t it? this driving refrigerator CHEVY truck was weighting 6.8 tons. it was made by 76 old JULIAN, an ice artist who is working around the world for example president and actor parties in dubai, thailand, new zealand or india. he is making lounges and bars of ice. but building an ice truck was the first time for the man out of HENSALL, a very small village in ONTARIO, canada. the truck was build for a TV-SPOT for car components, in this case especcially for batteries. the motto was “TESTED FOR LIFE IN CANADA”. beside, with a drive on the highway they wanted to get an entry in the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS. not so easy, imagine that when the 8 cylinder big block runs it gets really hot in the motor compartment. so they had to cool this section massiv down while running the engine. the CHEVY had to drive at least 1,5 kilometers with more than 20 km/h to get the entry in the book. a special stuntman drove the CHEVY about 4 kilometers with the needed speed at the 12th of december 2013. after 40 hours melting there was just the engine and the chassis left. what a project … pics | iceculture