time is running: this year one of my absolute favorite bands ever D-A-D celebrates its 30th birthday. i wasn’t a fan from the beginning because of don’t knowing this danish great rockin’ guys. but  i remember that my first album was from 1987. it was “D.A.D DRAWS A CIRCLE”. i love the songs on it till today … and they never will get out of style: just rockin’ without any fuckin’ shit around … hand made, straight, honest, melodic, sometimes harder, sometimes smoother … catchy … thanks guys for 30 years of this! two weeks ago i got my limited signed anniversary album: BEST OF D-A-D 30 YEARS 30 HITS 1984 – 2014. very well done: good choice of the songs and wonderful cover with embossed types and the signatures of JESPER (voc) and JACOB BINZER (gui), STIG PEDERSEN (bass) and LAUST SONNE (drums). so, see you in may @ BATSCHKAPP, frankfurt, germany, to have a birthday party. i do not know how often i’ve seen this great band – but i know, it could be never too often. and JESPER respect: good stlye. like your 2-tone WOLVERINE 1000 MILES boots – i got the same dark brown/black colored … pics | LTG, facebook D-A-D

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