This DeLorean concept is maybe the most beautiful Electric Car I’ve ever seen. The “DeLorean Motor Company (DMC)” became famous because of its star role in the blockbuster “Back To The Future”. Car designer Angel Guerra did “a tribute to this icon that marked his childhood” with this concept. Next year “Back To The Future” will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Guerra did the best birthday present to DMC and the fans of this outstanding car and iconic film. Find much more pics at Guerra’s Website and Instagram account … and don’t forget to follow him!

© Photos: Angel Guerra | Life Time Gear [Advertisement due to tagging of brands]


The 1st Red Wing Shoe Store outside the USA ever will celebrate its 40th anniversary on September 29th 2017. It is great to know to be part of this event. Stay tuned for more information – thanx.


As a constant reader of LTG blog you might know that I am a great CAMARO fan. My own I drive a 5th gen Cam in „bright orange“ – and I love this car so much from the first day on I got it 4 years ago! The history of the CAMARO started 1966, 2 years later than this mustang was introduced, but with the same concept: “long hood, short deck”. Since this there is a fight between this 2 cars for the domination of this so called “PONY CARS”. In 2017 the CAMARO celebrates its 50th birthday. Check the six generations below … pics | GENERAL MOTORS | Auto Motor Sport

1966 first CAMAROS came to the GM showrooms

1967 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z/28 with a small block 294 PS
1967 CHEVROLET CAMARO RS SS as a pilot series.

1969 CHEVROLET CAMARO ZL1. Number #66 of #69 built in 1969
427 Big Block-V8 with more than 430 PS
Design Graphics: these are the highlights of the CAMARO design
1st gen of CAMARO was from 1966 till 1969

1967 and 1996 the CHEVROLET CAMARO was the Pace-Car at INDY 500

1970 – with the 2nd gen there was a great change in the design
The 2nd gen was the most successful and longest distributed in CAMARO history till today.

1974 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z/28 with Small Block V8 …

5.7 ltr. engine and 250 ps

1970 CAMARO with 380 ps and 562 nm engine torque

1977 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z/28: the technic
1979: 282.571 CAMAROS sold – the climax! 85.000 were the powerful Z/28!

1980 – always a lot of configurations available

1981 – CAMARO on the track as a Pro Stock Race Car
1982 the 3rd gen followed – again with a new design

1987 CHEVROLET did the first CAMARO Convertible since 1969 – called IROC-Z (International Race of Champions Series. The red CAM here is the 1988 model.

1992 was the last year for the 3rd gen modells

With Z28 25th Anniversary the CAMARO celebrates ist 25th birthday

1993 the 4th gen CAMARO was introduced. There wasn’t a rounder CAM before …

The sales volume sank rapide!

The CAMARO had to die. CHEVROLET set the focus on SUVs

2002 the mustang lost its rival.

CAMARO Concept Car @ Detroit Motor Show in 2005

Heritage: The Muscle Car shows Design elements from the early years and quotes the 1stt gen CAMAROS.

2010 CHEVROLET CAMARO Pace Car @ Indy 500

What a comeback: more than 500.000 units where sold!


Yesterday I joined the 7th anniversary of B74-SELECTED GOODS. It was a must for me to visit Kami, the owner of this great shop, and his wife Iris. And it was a very fine but quite come together of friends after this horrible night before in Paris Friday 13th. It was obvious that something terrible happened … and we were talking about a lot. Me I wasn’t in the mood to do a lot of photos, but I did some … it was dark … so excuse me for the not so good quality at all. It was great to meet Frank Schulte in Person for the first time, the man behind the great Top Hatter blog. And if you have the possibility to visit and join B74 and its Sample & Vintage Sale you should do that the upcoming Saturday 21st of November: there are a lot of great offers in gear, accessories and vintage furniture, bicycles and so on. Great! pics | LTG


i remember the times in the 80s when SUVs, sorry, off-road vehicles where driven by hunter, construction manager, forest worker or expedition teams here in germany. and when i think at these days there comes one characteristic bold and edged big car to my mind: the TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 70. mostly seen in sand or dark green and blue colors. and you still see these models from the early 80s in the streets here in germany. whatever, TOYOTA JAPAN celebrates the 30 anniversary of this iconic model with a re-releasing for just the year 2014. it is powered by a 4.0L V6 engine, a part time 4WheelDrive and some other nice contemporary features for about $35.000. the only problem is to get this 2K TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 70 from japan to germany or anywhere else. pics & film | © TOYOTA


yes, and these are the others … some of them. f.ex. the JOHNSON MOTORS bandana i own in all color ways you can get: red, dark blue and black. the art work is always the same – and i love this trio a lot, but i don’t want to bore you. another very special bandana for me is the BURG & SCHILD 5th anniversary one  – a collaboration between B&S and INDIGOFERA … nice look and special because of its meaning. pics | LTG

FAT BOY CLOTHING | one of my most beloved bandanas … actual 2014 collection available @
… and: i love anchor …

Unknown label  | just brought it away from a holiday at german  NORTH SEA | 10,00 € … love it and little LEVI, too!

JOHNSON MOTORS | another favorite! this is the blue black version. awesome graphics … own this in dark black and pure red, too.


label unknown | so colorful, so nice, made in the USA


STETSON | a classic one … so simple … so nice

BURG & SCHILD 5th anniversary collab with INDIGOFERA | … something special



time is running: this year one of my absolute favorite bands ever D-A-D celebrates its 30th birthday. i wasn’t a fan from the beginning because of don’t knowing this danish great rockin’ guys. but  i remember that my first album was from 1987. it was “D.A.D DRAWS A CIRCLE”. i love the songs on it till today … and they never will get out of style: just rockin’ without any fuckin’ shit around … hand made, straight, honest, melodic, sometimes harder, sometimes smoother … catchy … thanks guys for 30 years of this! two weeks ago i got my limited signed anniversary album: BEST OF D-A-D 30 YEARS 30 HITS 1984 – 2014. very well done: good choice of the songs and wonderful cover with embossed types and the signatures of JESPER (voc) and JACOB BINZER (gui), STIG PEDERSEN (bass) and LAUST SONNE (drums). so, see you in may @ BATSCHKAPP, frankfurt, germany, to have a birthday party. i do not know how often i’ve seen this great band – but i know, it could be never too often. and JESPER respect: good stlye. like your 2-tone WOLVERINE 1000 MILES boots – i got the same dark brown/black colored … pics | LTG, facebook D-A-D


okay it is 4 weeks ago that the BURG & SCHILD webshop went online. but it is like it is: less time for me to do the blog posts i wanted before and after christmas because of heavy working. so here we go. searching for a MA-1 jacket from BUZZ RICKSON or REAL McCOY’s i stopped at the new B&S shop, which is really succeed. well done and perfect fitting for the brands and the guys behind BURG & SCHILD. with a rocking and biking attitude, no fashion and pussy affection. straight graphics and wonderful detailed pics f.ex. of this great MA-1 20 years anniversay BR jacket. very nice the small category drawings grey on black – like them very much! SHANE: compliment – you and your guys, your online and graphic team did a very good job. and now take a look at the jacket. isn’t it great? pics | BURG & SCHILD