hi guys, there is a new grooming and skincare online shop! the WOODBERG central is located in the heart of germany, in my hometown DARMSTADT. that’s great, because so we german and european men have not to pay any f***ing customs to get f.ex. my beloved PORTLAND GENERAL STORE products from the usa  or the great TRIUMPH & DISASTER stuff from new zealand. but beside this you may think “why another online shop for cosmetics? …” nothing easier than this to explain: the guys from WOODBERG were not satisfied about the current options and so they went back to the roots and asked themselves, what would be be the ultimate online experience for men. here we go:
“ everything must be simple,  clearly structured and easy to understand | the website should deliver our modern and healthy lifestyle | men shouldn´t feel akward or uncomfortable while browsing the site | short informative category and product descriptions | optional in-depth descriptions for men who really want to know everything | the range of products had to be narrowed down to the – as we think – best ones available | natural and safe ingredients | effective products which get their job done,  especially designed for men | pre-selected sets/kits to get started,  for travel or for more experienced men | good and solid customer service” … this sounds good.

all products WOODBERG sells are especially designed for men’s needs, have the best ingredients mother nature has to offer and are engineered with the most advanced and modern techniques available. all products are tested by themselves before they´re available on WOODBERG just to make sure they are as effective as they claim. most of the products are vegan, all of them are cruelty free and ethically correct. at the moment they carry the up-and-coming New Zealand brand TRIUMPH & DISASTER,  PORT PRODUCTS and BUCKLER’S from L.A.,  handcrafted products from PORTLAND GENERAL STORE and HERBIVORE BOTANICALS, progress VULFIX and SIMPSONS shaving brushes, germany’s probably most traditionell brand SPEICK and razors from GIESEN FORSTHOFF – TIMOR. there are gonna be some more in the near future! AND soon there will be an english version of the site. check it out. great offer – good luck guys!!! i am sure you’re concept will work // woodberg on facebookpics | WOODBERG & Labels

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