One of my favorite labels referring to accessories is the brand INDIGO PEOPLE. Indigo People is founded on the love for traditional, craftsmanship and the beauty of natural indigo. Their
products are manually dyed in natural indigo and handcrafted by passionate artisans following authentic techniques with a long tradition. The fully manual production and natural dyeing process
result in little imperfections in the product. Color material and sizing variations give each item a unique appearance. I got the new look-book from Uwe E. Maier c/o Amtraq Distribution for a peek – and this here is just a very small selection of all the wonderful blue colored treasure. I love these batik printed bandanas so much! The stuff will be available in stores Fall 2019. For stockists check Amtraq Distribution. © Photos | Indigo People 

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What a nice box design and even better the content – 4 OTTER WAX products for your boots, leather jackets, belts, for really everything made of leather: Saddle Soap, 2oz, Leather Salve, 2oz, Leather Oil, 5oz, Boot Wax, 2oz, Flannel Buffing Cloth. So this kit contains all 4-Steps to comprehensive leather care! All products are made with natural ingredients to ensure that they work with all types of leather. Made in Portland, Orgeon.
•  Use Saddle Soap to gently clean your leather and remove stains
•  Use Leather Salve to restore softness and repair cracking
•  Use Leather Oil to polish and revive the natural shine
•  Use Boot Wax to protect and create a waterproof seal

It’s simple but true: That’s all you need … Check the short film below.

In Europe the OTTER WAX LEATHER CARE KIT is available at:
Jeanswerk/ St. Gallen/Swiss
Dantendorfer/ Salzburg/Austria
British Parts/Flawill/ Swiss
Les Raffineurs/ Paris/ France
Zooloose/ Basel/ Swiss
Boutique Gilles/ Verbier/ Swiss
Fabrikat/ Zürich/Swiss
Jeanslife/ Winterthur/ Swiss
Cultizm/Münster/ Germany
Adisgladis/ Stockholm/Sweden
Marco Serafini/ Servigliano/ Italy
Shoecorner/Oslo/ Sweden
and for sure @ European OTTER WAX Distributor B74/ Germany
pics | LTG || vid | Otter Wax


Otter Wax: Leather Boots Tutorial from Aubree Bernier-Clarke on Vimeo.


Last Sunday I went to B74, Frankfurt/Main, Germany to visit my buddy Kami. B74 was open on Sunday because in Frankfurt there was the gigantic “25-Years-German-Wiedervereinings-Party” – most shops opened their doors and the city was crowded. This little LEVI’S LEATHER GOODS gimmick was lying at the desk and it looked so wonderful – just while lying there as it wanted to say: come and take me with you 😉 … but Kami: “Not for sale … even for buddies – no chance”. Okay, he just got 2 of these and the first owner of this pretty hand-stitched baseball was standing beside me. So proud of his daily companion. This piece of leather is really nice to touch and to handle, press and turn around in the hand … so f***ing relaxing. But this short story came to an happy end, because Kami gave it to me – he wants to check LEVI’S for a third one. Unfortunately I can’t give you further informations about the ball because you don’t find anything about in wwww – no chance – and I do not know anything about the history of baseballs and how they are made. When I got the ball out of the cotton bag I put some RED WING SHOES mink oil on it. The ball got an even better touch and a nicer color – I am excited about how my new „Handschmeichler“ will age … pics | LTG


I own a lot of knives but not such a nice combination: The ONDURA pocketknife with its so well done pancake holster – an absolute must have for men loving knives, collecting knives … The knife is a simple classic German pocketknife, which was developed and produced by famous OTTER-Messer Company in Solingen/Germany. For ONDURA it was really important to get a knife which is made complete traditionally here in Germany. The blade length is 100 mm and made of carbon steel. For safety reasons it is fitted with a backlock. The handles are so nice to touch – in German we call this a “Handschmeichler” –, these are made from olive wood with a nice texture. The brass ONDURA bear in the inlay is not just nice to watch: the bear on the knife and the bear on the holster must be covered by each other – there is only one way to put the knife into the holster: bear over bear. This works perfect! The “pancake” holster is made of two 4mm thick vegetal tanned leather layers  It is clued, sewed and riveted, mould and decorated with the ONDURA bear branding. The edges are brushed and polished. ONDURA offers also the perfect belt for the holster, the Workman Belt in tan. But I think it fits my vintage DUKES belt as good … Now the holster must age in daily use … exciting about the look it will get. Guys, this must be one thing written to your x-mas list – time is running 😉 pics | LTG



Today, back to the boots. My buddy WOUTER c/o BUTTS AND SHOULDERS and LONG JOHN blog send me some pics of the new B&S boot which had its premier @ the MODEFABRIEK FAIR AMSTERDAM a few days ago. Very nice.This classic boot is made in Portugal from a natural vegetable tanned leather and it is fitted with a GOODYEAR welted construction. Look at the pics – the leather is aging so wonderful. The boot isn’t available yet. Check the BUTTS AND SHOULDERS site frequently for more informations. pics | Wouter Munnichs © Butts and Shoulders



Guys it’s a while ago that I got my leather iPhone 5 sleeve handmade by leather artisan ALEXANDER VON BRONEWSKI, but the last weeks i had too much work and there is just less time to do LIFE TIME GEAR. But here are the photos of this great work from my buddy Alex v.B.. Now my “i-Phone-Pad-Collection” is completed. It is about 8 weeks ago I made these photos and the sleeve got meanwhile some nice patina and a smooth grip in daily use. Great! Like the iPad sleeve this one is also made of made of tan, cognac colored cowhide from the south of germany and sewn with waxed twine made of linen. Love it! pics | LTG 


yesterday i got my new iPad Air2 SLEEVE handmade by my budy ALEX c/o be-cause blog and owner & founder of ALEXANDER VON BRONEWSKI MANUFAKTUR. what a wonderful piece of craftmanship. the touch is so great, so natural smooth and the fit for the iPad is perfect. The sleeve is made of tan, cognac colored cowhide from the south of germany and sewn with waxed twine made of linen. so, now it’s time to rug’n’roll for the sleeve … thx, ALEX! pics | LTG


hi guys, there is a new grooming and skincare online shop! the WOODBERG central is located in the heart of germany, in my hometown DARMSTADT. that’s great, because so we german and european men have not to pay any f***ing customs to get f.ex. my beloved PORTLAND GENERAL STORE products from the usa  or the great TRIUMPH & DISASTER stuff from new zealand. but beside this you may think “why another online shop for cosmetics? …” nothing easier than this to explain: the guys from WOODBERG were not satisfied about the current options and so they went back to the roots and asked themselves, what would be be the ultimate online experience for men. here we go:
“ everything must be simple,  clearly structured and easy to understand | the website should deliver our modern and healthy lifestyle | men shouldn´t feel akward or uncomfortable while browsing the site | short informative category and product descriptions | optional in-depth descriptions for men who really want to know everything | the range of products had to be narrowed down to the – as we think – best ones available | natural and safe ingredients | effective products which get their job done,  especially designed for men | pre-selected sets/kits to get started,  for travel or for more experienced men | good and solid customer service” … this sounds good.

all products WOODBERG sells are especially designed for men’s needs, have the best ingredients mother nature has to offer and are engineered with the most advanced and modern techniques available. all products are tested by themselves before they´re available on WOODBERG just to make sure they are as effective as they claim. most of the products are vegan, all of them are cruelty free and ethically correct. at the moment they carry the up-and-coming New Zealand brand TRIUMPH & DISASTER,  PORT PRODUCTS and BUCKLER’S from L.A.,  handcrafted products from PORTLAND GENERAL STORE and HERBIVORE BOTANICALS, progress VULFIX and SIMPSONS shaving brushes, germany’s probably most traditionell brand SPEICK and razors from GIESEN FORSTHOFF – TIMOR. there are gonna be some more in the near future! AND soon there will be an english version of the site. check it out. great offer – good luck guys!!! i am sure you’re concept will work // woodberg on facebookpics | WOODBERG & Labels


some months ago i went to a nice artisan market in ASCHAFFENBURG, germany. there i found these wonderful triangle bandanas at a small and unremarkable stall. HOLGER STARCKEN is a so called BLAUDRUCKMEISTER and does all his wonderful stuff by hand. BLAUDRUCK (blue printing) has a more than 400 years old tradition in germany and is continued by the STARCKEN ATELIER which is located near BERLIN, germany. this BLAUDRUCK method can compared to batik dyeing. HOLGER STARCKEN is so cool, so unagitated. he does not need all this heritage and vintage odds and ends at his stall; his products speak for their selves – great!  i will visit STARCKEN again at 08th to 09th of november in  OFFENBACH at “Sammelsurium”. the site of the BLAUMACHER AUS BERLIN isn’t so nice and informative … but take a peek to learn more about BLAU MACHEN. pics | LTG



at first, as a great gin lover and graphic designer seeing this bottle, it was a must-have-item for me. the  bottle has one of the nicest designs i ever saw: so reduced, so cool, so to the point “BROKEN HEART”. great idea to double the 2 parts of one broken heart and put it on different places at the bottle. so you can watch nice mirrored and transparent effects – i love this. about the GIN: well, from new zealand – okay … interesting. i did not tried it yet, but it is described as a “pure, elegant and aromatic product with a really fine style, mild to the palate, compact and well-balanced but straight”. this was mentioned by an austrian sommelier where BROKEN HEART GIN was just rated – sounds good. it is made on a base of juniper with 11 different herbs mostly of the maker’s own organic plants and fresh spring water … “with a twist of orange”. BROKEN HEART GIN is an 100% natural product without any sugar, synthetic flavors and ingredients. check the BROKEN HEART website to read something about its interesting story: 2 germans created this GIN in NEW ZEALAND – sounds a bit crazy. pics | LTG